IBM Presents Advertising Accelerator with Watson to Create Optimized Advertising Campaigns

Launching Advertising Accelerator with Watson

At CES 2020, IBM announced the launch of Advertising Accelerator with Watson. This new solution exploited the group’s artificial intelligence and resulted in machine learning for audience prediction for advertisers. An offer that promises to encourage high engagement and conversion for a given audience. IBM’s predictive solution leverages Watson to create campaigns designed to understand and engage consumers while tackling industry hotspots like targeting and personalization. It identifies and recommends creative elements thanks to AI and machine learning, intending to optimize the engagement of customers of a given audience, and improve the conversion rate. This new solution helps media buyers and brands to improve the efficiency and performance of their advertising campaigns using predictive models.

Using IBM Watson Advertising for better Targeting:

“Advertising targeting allows marketers to identify key customers, who are often overwhelmed by messages that may not lead to immediate action,” said Jeremy Hlavacek of IBM Watson Advertising. “Advertising Accelerator with Watson aims to meet this challenge head-on, by arming customers with IBM Watson to help them better engage and understand their target audience.”

Stop Reacting, Start Planning:

Advertising Accelerator with Watson wants to allow advertisers to stop reacting and start planning. By enabling hyper-personalized advertising, the solution offers capabilities that can help media buyers and brands. This is done by anticipating creative elements that can be modified to provide advertisers with a flexible, innovative approach to improve commitment. The following are also considered:

  • Audience segmentation based on message resonance
  • Enabling rapid data processing
  • Identifying underlying engagement models to extend a message to untapped audiences.

Why is it Important?

Analyzing each campaign from the point of view of creativity and audience, and extracting information on the best and least successful experiences, to take them into account in subsequent campaigns.

Main Aim:

The aim is to recognize potential value that IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson can bring to advertisers, LendingTree, Potential Energy Coalition, and other significant brands. They had planned to implement the AI-based predictive audience solution in the beta launch, as indicated by IBM, when it was announced at CES.