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What are the Best E-mail Validators to Validate Bulk E-mails?

It can be a surprise: you sign up with your favorite email service provider. You prepare your first awesome campaign, upload your contact list, and then .your campaign suddenly stops. Your service provider puts a stop to your email and asks you to verify emails.

We are going to answer it here and get you back on track. Email verification does not cost much, and it significantly improves your marketing.

What is Email Verification?

Email verification is a simple process of making sure that emails on your contact list are tied to a real user.

Why should you Verify emails?

When it comes to undelivered emails, sending your emails to an unverified contact list could result in some severe consequences. Email service providers like MailChimp are proactive about email verification to protect you from:

Account Suspension

Internet service providers, spam monitoring services, and email security services all have set a threshold for spam complaints, undelivered messages, and unsubscribes. If you are emailing an old rusty or unmanaged email list, you will likely face a high number of all three.

Email platforms like MailChimp are responsible and have to enforce these thresholds. If your email campaign exceeds them, they will suspend your account. It is purely to maintain their IP reputation and email deliverability rates.

Email verification is specifically helpful for reducing your undelivered messages or hard bounce.

Dismal Marketing Results

Sending emails to a lot of addresses is productive, but if those emails are not valid, you will not accomplish your goal. After all, email marketing is tricky. Your goal is to make a connection. It is impossible with invalid emails.

If your campaign gets too many hard bounces, this will hurt your email deliverability. So, in the end, even the valid emails will not get your excellent promotion or announcement about your product.

Wasting Money

Most of the email service providers charge you on the number of subscribers. Your email listing containing invalid emails means its just a cost you pay for no reason.

Risky emails, and how to handle them?

Deliverbility sorts your emails into different categories, where “Valid” emails are safe to send.

“Catch-All” emails are domains that accept everything that comes in. These catch-all emails mostly use a firewall or other spam tools that could block or bounce your emails.

Deliverbility also identifies two more types of emails that we think are risky: role-based and Disposable.

Role-based addresses are generic emails setup to assist organizations’organizations’ inquiries or issues — for example, sales@, support@, or info@. Several people usually handle these emails at the same time. In general, sending email to them would result in complaints and mostly auto-replies.

Disposable emails, as the name suggests, are temporary emails created to use some service and discard the email. It could be someone who wants to hide their identity and using a temporary mailbox to check or try a service. Those emails are valid for a short time because of their nature; they are risky.

What is the cost?

Deliverbility offers a free trial with 50 credits to test your list. You can do so by just clicking on the link Signup now

Deliverbility has got the lowest rates in the market with the highest accuracy. You can clean a list of 10000 emails for just $5.00.