Which one is the best Email Tracker?

Ever written an e-mail that led nowhere? Of course, you have, we all have if I am honest.

So if you’re tired of spending innumerable sleepless nights shouting “But did you even open it!” out of your office window (Now, I’m dramatic here but stay with me, guys), you need a good e-mail tracker.

An e-mail tracker tracks sent e-mails and tell you whether they’ve been opened or not and when. This automatically solves the overly-dramatic-shouting-out-of-windows problem, but a good mail tracker can do even more. It allows you to analyze just how interested the recipient is in your e-mail, as well as… well, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We have collected the most popular e-mail tracking tools to compare just how well they track e-mails, how economical they are, and any additional features to determine the actual winner of the Best Email Tracker title.

Our List includes

  1. Unlimited E-mail Tracker
  2. Mailtrack
  3. Docsify
  4. CloudHQ Free Email Tracker Pro
  5. E-mail Tracker
  6. Bananatag

1. Unlimited E-mail Tracker

  • Chrome rating: 4.9 (407 votes)
  • Number of users: 10,708
  • Price: Free
  • Signatures/labels: No
  • Link: Chrome store or website

About: This one is closest to my heart because a) it’s incredible, b) it’s feature-rich, c) And it’s absolutely free and doesn’t add any signatures. I’d say you can stop your search right here, but that would not be objective, so let’s dive deeper into what it can do.

Unlimited E-mail Tracker was created by Snov.io in the year 2018 and since then got about 21k users, 400+ five star user ratings, #1 Product of the Day, and #4 Product of the Week on Product Hunt. Do I need to say more?

Features: Unlimited E-mail Tracker has the basic feature set that satisfies most users, with the team promising new, advanced features in the future. You get unlimited access to the tracker’s basic functionality absolutely free of cost. Right now, this tracker offers:

  • Unlimited e-mail open and link click tracking
  • Conditional follow-up reminders
  • Send later (e-mail scheduling, follow-up automation)
  • Web push notifications for opens and clicks
  • Open and click history
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Additional e-mail tools on the leading platform

2. Mailtrack

  • Chrome rating: 4.4 (9,679 votes)
  • Number of users: 1,248,535
  • Price: Free, $9.99/month for PRO
  • Signatures/labels: “Sent with Mailtrack” in the Free version
  • Link: Chrome store or website

About: Mailtrack is probably the oldest and most widely known e-mail tracker. It was released in the year 2014 and has about 1,250,000 satisfied users. This allowed the company to monetize the services, meaning the only feature that’s not hidden in the free plan is open e-mail tracking.

While the full version has a pretty impressive feature set, the free version can’t compete with most free e-mail trackers.

3. Docsify

  • Chrome rating: 4.6 (115 votes)
  • Number of users: 5,707
  • Price: Free, $12/month for PRO, $29 per month for GROWTH
  • Signatures/labels: Watermark in Free version
  • Link: Chrome store or website

About: Docsify is a lesser-known extension that offers a pretty decent feature set to those who are willing to pay for PRO and GROWTH versions. It’s got excellent reviews and gives CRM integrations (on the $29 per month GROWTH plan). The only major complaint I’ve heard from the person using this tool was the number of e-mail notifications you receive as a result. Pricey, but overall a great tool.

Update: On March 7, last year, Docsify CEO Max Makarenko announced via his Facebook handle that Docsify will be pausing their service for two months to work on technical issues concerning the service basic architecture. Docsify is expected to renew its services in May.

4. CloudHQ Free Email Tracker

  • Chrome rating: 4.5 (256 votes)
  • Number of users: 20,167
  • Price: Free, $79/year for Premium plan
  • Signatures/labels: Powered by cloudHQ in Free version
  • Link: Chrome store or website

About: This mail tracker has all the usual e-mail tracking features we’ve seen by now – notifications, open tracking, link click tracking, reminders, etc., except for one notable feature – SMS notifications when the e-mail is read. However cool all of this is, it has a catch. A pretty eye-catching signature in your e-mails can’t be removed unless you upgrade, which isn’t uncommon for e-mail tracking tools for Gmail, but still pretty disappointing.

Features: cloudHQ email tracker offers a decent feature set

  • Unlimited e-mail tracking (Premium only)
  • Unlimited link tracking (Premium only)
  • Location tracking
  • Multiple recipients e-mail tracking (Premium only)
  • Real-time notifications
  • Text notifications (Premium only)
  • Reminders (Premium only)
  • Scheduling

5. E-mail Tracker

  • Chrome rating: 4.5 (453 votes)
  • Number of users: 72,660
  • Price: Free, $48/year for PRO
  • Signatures or labels: No
  • Link: Chrome store, website

About: E-mail Tracker is a straightforward tool – you install it, and you send an e-mail. If you want to find out whether the e-mail was opened for free – this is one of the fewer options that can do it label-free. Nevertheless, this is the only data you see on the Free version – whether the e-mail has been opened or not and how many times. To get a comprehensive report, location, track links or add more accounts, you will have to buy the PRO version for $48 a year, which isn’t a lot.

6. Bananatag

  • Chrome rating: 4.1 (896 votes)
  • Number of users: 75,678
  • Price: Free, $12.50/month for Pro, $25/month per user for Teams
  • Signatures or labels: No
  • Link: Chrome store, website

About: At first glance, this seems like a fabulous extension to invest in – it’s got a robust feature set and a smooth UI. However, lately, the extension has been getting a lot of bad reviews because of features misbehaving for some users. We have also noticed a problem while testing this tracker. In essence, there was no way to know whether the e-mail was actually opened. We have tested it on 3 different accounts, but couldn’t find a solution. Therefore we can’t help but suggest you look into other options. Hopefully, the extension will be fixed soon.

Features: Considering this tracker offers paid plans, it’s easier to present the features in a table.

Final Thoughts

It all goes down to what you need and expect from an e-mail tracker. Do you want a hassle-free solution that doesn’t get in the way? Unlimited E-mail Tracker is perfect for you. Ready to pay a hefty sum for a more sophisticated solution to integrate with your CRM and track your documents? There’s a solution for you too.

Don’t choose something everyone claims to be “the best,” but look for a tool that will fulfill your needs and the needs of your team. As always, we suggest you look through the recent reviews and test the free versions to make sure the tool you choose works as described and delivers the results you need.

Think we have missed out on a great tool and want us to add to a list? Let us know in the comments section down below. As always, we love to hear back from you.