A High Bounce Rate –One of the Biggest Issues for Email Marketing

A high bounce rate is dreadful for any email marketer and is usually faced when emails are sent to stale, outdated or invalid lists. A hard bounce is considered to be a permanent delivery failure; on the other hand, a soft bounce is just a temporary server issue and can be resolved on time, without causing any delay in email campaigns. In email marketing terms or language, a bounce rate arises when ISP fails to determine the domain name of the provided email; this may be because either the domain name does not exist, or the email is miswritten. What a shame! The cause of this is usually when the email lists are not cleaned in a long time, so some of the data become old or obsolete. Thus, it is essential to validate all the emails that are currently present in the data. It is not to forget, that ISP may penalize the server if the hard bounce rate continuously increases at a high rate. Hence, it is essential to maintain the email lists to keep the hard bounce rate at the most minimal number.

There are a few ways to overcome the high bounce rate, as explained below:

1. The list should not be old

It sure is pointless and a waste of time to send your valuable email marketing details to a list of emails that were gathered somewhat a year or two ago. Many people stop using old emails, and switch to newer ids; this means that the emails don’t reach the intended target audience. Thus, seeing a high bounce rate from your email list says it’s time for you to clean up the list and get rid of those junk ids. And again, with the emphasis, it is stated that huge lists left unattended are a nightmare, so the best practice is to make use of an email checker service, which will give you bright sparkling and up-to-date email lists.

2. Send updates and campaign details to users who have recently subscribed

The easiest way to avoid cleaning huge lists by yourself is to send emails to customers who have recently opted to receive your newsletter or updates, and therefore are willing to become the target audience of our email marketing campaign. This method will help reduce the bounce rate and make your strategies private from ISP.