How Feedback Loop Analysis Enhances Deliverability

What do you understand about meaning of the term Feedback Loop? Its appeal is directly linked to user complaints about your e-mail marketing and can be valuable to explain the content you submit. This is the aim of our post today on the blog. Understanding how the Feedback Loop Affects your Email ...

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6 Tips for Craftingeye-catching Titles for Email Marketing Campaign

While writing an e-mail, we always have to face the same question: "What title suits my campaign best?" At first, it seems quite simple. You may think that creating a title is not a big deal: "I will just write something relevant to the message body, and that's it." But is it that simple? Remember, ...

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Fact: Engagement Impacts Deliverability

We’ve heard predictions of the end of email for years. Like those who have foretold the end of the world, it’s mostly agreed that these people had no idea what they are talking about. Email is not dying. But that does not mean it isn't changing. Technology is improving, email recipients are comm...

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Have You Ever Heard of Growth Hack for Email Marketing?

Statistics show that above ninety percent of global users checked their email at least once a day last year. Among billion emails sent every day, how your business will stand out from competitors? This question can be answered easily.By email marketing campaigns, you have access to data that ca...

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The Importance of Using an Informative Subject Line in an Email

Thirty-five percent of email recipients click open an email solely based on the subject line. Therefore, it's a great practice to ensure that your campaigns' emails are aligned with the criteria of a good subject line, so that users are persuaded to open and view your email. In the following passage...

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Marking Messages as Spam

Don't take it easy, inbox placement is tricky, always-changing mix of several factors. Complaint rates are significant, and this is one of the things that email marketers consider while evaluating your campaign. The complaint rate is calculated with the help of two numbers; the number of people that...

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