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Practices for Using Links in Emails

Many people wonder about the importance of using links in emails. Basically, they are curious and wanted to know how and when to use links in email communication with their clients. The following are some pointers that you must bear in mind for your links for email marketing.1. First thing first...

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How to Tell If your Lead is Sales Qualified?

The marketing and sales team are active players in a blame game. While the sales team thinks the team responsible for marketing shared only contacts (read, un-qualified leads), the marketing team blames the sales people for not being able to convert all the excellent qualified leads they handoff. ...

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How to Sell Event Sponsorship?

If you’re like most digital marketers, then events are essential part of your marketing mix. And why shouldn't they be? Events are an amazing way to drive opportunities and engage all aspects of your marketing funnel.But in order to host your event in a beautiful space, offer your attendees a ...

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Email Personalization Best Practices 2020

Personalization emails can be defined as targeting to specific subscribers by getting the data and relevant information collected from them. The information contains everything relevant info such as consumers' names, their address, what they bought last time, and how often they log into an applicati...

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Five Step Model for Consumer Decision Making Process

Decisions, decisions! Even while we aren’t aware of them, we’re making them all the time. Many of those decisions we make quickly, without even thinking – orange juice or coffee? Gym or happy hour? TV or sleep? But with more significant decisions, we tend to think more in-depth and take longer...

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How Facebook’s Ad Transparency and New Feed can Impact Marketers

Like any good company, Facebook is continuously adapting and changing to a changing world. And while some of the changes leave us standing on our front porch, yelling at kids to get off of our lawn, many have us excited, both as a user and as a marketer.Whenever a new update rolls out, I instant...

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Ten KPIs Every Marketer Should Be Constantly Measuring

Imagine this scenario: First thing early in the morning, your team calls you into an impromptu meeting and inquires for a report on your marketing efforts. What numbers will you give? what is a kpi in marketing? What key performance indicators (KPIs) will you use? How to measure Kpi?There's abso...

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Understanding the Difference between a Lead and a Prospect

Sales teams can be considered the lifeblood of any organization. Whether it's large or small, all businesses rely on sales. It seems like a rather obvious thing to say, but closing sales is one of the hardest things to do. We could talk all day about MQLs (marketing qualified leads), or SQLs (sales ...

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