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How to Clean Your Email List?

Businesses that ignore invalid or incorrect emails are at risk of losing a reliable source of direct communication with their customers. It is always a good idea to keep a clean list of potential email leads, as it improves the overall brand image for ISP while also maintaining a healthy connection with ISP. This is because; a low reputation score is given by ISP severely affects delivery rates, putting the entire marketing campaign at stake. For small-sized organizations or businesses, it is always recommended to clean the email list manually since it could be more cost-effective. However, If the organization is medium-sized or large, then only it is a good idea to hire a professional email verifier service.

Clean your email list using the following methods:

1. Manually discard invalid or incorrect emails

Users may remove inaccurate or invalid emails by manually skimming through them, and checking for potential errors. If any email has a basic typo or spelling mistake, that is known to be a waste and stale for the business. Furthermore, emails beginning with ‘info’ or ‘support’ should be discarded because there are high chances for emails in their inboxes to be left unread; this may block the email’s open rate, and the campaign may be under ISP’s radar.

2. Know which customers are interested:

Several users online subscribe to newsletters that they need at that moment, but will not put in any interest after some time passes by. Therefore, innovative businesses need to keep track of interested customers so that the right information reaches them on time. This can be done by sending a link to all current and potential customers and instructing them to further proceed with the link only if they are interested. This will significantly help businesses to identify qualified leads so that they don’t waste their time and effort targeting the unqualified or least interested audience.

3. Have an unsubscribe option

It is better to have users unsubscribe to your email communication, as compared to them marking you as spam or junk. Therefore, it is necessary to include an “unsubscribe” option in every email thread sent out to customers so that they can use it at any time if they want.