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Maintain a Positive Sender Reputation-Clean Your List Regularly

Without any doubt, today, the email marketing campaign is highly reliant on agencies or services that aid in cleaning the lists. Irrespective of this, several business owners still hesitate to trust such agencies with their data entirely. It could lead to a bigger problem for them as they continue to send emails to lists, which may contain a few or several stale emails ids. For positive email marketing, businesses must analyze their delivery rates and have a low number of users that have marked them as spam. Or directly moved their emails to the junk folder, or even worse, having had those emails read without even actually reading them. These three scenarios will spoil the image of the email campaign by having a high number of negative subscriber’s action. It will slowly but surely affect the credibility of the campaign, and even permanently damage the reputation of your business and marketing campaigns in the eyes of ISP. That will prove to be harmful if seeking business growth.

Importance of List Cleaning

One of the things marketers overlook is the fact that a user or email receiver sometimes influences to spoil the reputation of the sender. The receiver ensures the credibility and status of the campaign, which therefore impacts the sender. ISP examines the relevance and progress of an email marketing campaign by analyzing how receivers click through the links that are sent to them; as this is one of the significant engagement actions. Some other measures that ISP regularly examines are when users start an email. Enable images or add the email in the contact favorite list; ISP keeps an attentive eye on all incoming emails in the receivers’ inbox. Continuously sending emails to invalid or stale addresses can trigger ISP to detect an issue. Experts state that the acceptable bounce rate per email marketing is 1-2%, and a figure higher than this can instantly prompt ISP to start analyzing your email campaign. Thus, to avoid this issue, the best way out is to clean your email list regularly to ensure a smooth flow of your campaigns.

Ways to Improve Reputation in the Eye of ISP

The best way to recover your status and even improve it is by having happy customers who appreciate and look forward to your content, newsletter, or other emails. To do so, one needs to ensure that their list contains emails of such users who are interested and also have valid email ids. Furthermore, it may not seem so, but having the unsubscribe option visible and at the end of every email, communication with the customer is essential. It is because you would rather have people unsubscribe to your emails, as compared to them sending your emails to the junk folder. Which usually results in triggering ISP. In doing so, the additional spam reporting will be brought under control. Availing services of free bulk email verifier or email cleaning tolls can, therefore, prove to be beneficial for the growth of email marketing communication.