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Collecting Good Data Can Improve Email Hygiene

When it comes to email deliverability, most marketers put their focus on mainly optimizing their subject lines test, personalization, email content, and email template design. No doubt that these factors are important for good Deliverability, but let us suppose that you were sending to inactive contacts. All your efforts, your amazing subject line, beautiful email template design won’t matter because it won’t get read.

So it is very important that you put more focus on collecting good data and measures to keep the data list clean. Email hygiene is the foundation of email marketing. Sending and focusing on people who want to receive your email will ensure you get good to deliver, open, and click rate. So, in other words, your open and engagement rate would go skyrocket, and complaints will hit the lower bottom. It is the key to imbox placement in simple words.

Keeping your email list clean is not a very difficult job. With simple tips and practices, you will maintain a good quality list that not only helps you increase your Open and click rate but also help you get better engagement and sales.

Contacts to Opt-In

It is a long route and helps in improving your email deliverability. So when you ask customers to opt-in, it ensures that they are aware of what they are signing up for and what kind of communication will happen. That ensures that customers open your email and read it as well. So there is a higher engagement rate and lower spam complaints.

We can use a few methods to ask customers to opt-in. When they are filling the form, we can use a checkbox which they need to enable in order for them to opt-in and allow you as a company to send them an email. It is the simplest and easiest way to enable opt-in on your lead capture forms or blogs.

Avoid Bad Data at All Costs!

Utilizing a third party data or service is suicide for people who are thinking about starting email marketing for their own brand name. Sending emails to a purchased list would cause so many issues. When someone signs up, they remember the brand name, and they know what they opt-in for. When they get an email from an unknown sender, the results can hurt your sender reputation really bad.

  • Scraped Data: scrapping data and harvesting emails are not only illegal in Canada and the EU, but there are severe results as well. You will end up in the sender blacklist. It is causing a negative impact on your sender reputation. That is extremely difficult to recover, as well.
  • Purchased Data: People are misled by companies online, offering data list. Purchasing email data from others will get your complaints only. There are many service providers who would tell customers before selling it that those emails are collected from their blog, and they have permission to email them. It is not true; most of the emails are scraped from the internet. The only thing that list will earn you is a bad sender reputation, bounce rate, and tons of spam complaints. Once you get a negative impact, it will become harder for you to recover and gain a reputation. So it’s a big no to the purchased email list.

Check the Origins of Data

Even utilizing the best practises obtaining genuine and real email addresses. We do end up getting a bad email address or invalid emails into our data. It will be very important to take measures and ensure that the Data you have is clean and contain no invalid email addresses. Sending emails to those few invalid or bad emails will have a negative impact on your email marketing and sender reputation. So instead of putting your efforts to increase your revenue and focus more on business. You will end up spending more time and money on fixing your reputation.

The best option is to know if the email is real or not before you send it. The process of knowing or validating an email is called email verification.

Check the Validity of Email

Good email hygiene practice means you routinely and constantly keep a check on your email data list. It also means you remove any invalid or inactive emails, and your list does not contain any spam traps. As we discussed above that this process of validation is called email verification or email validation. It might sound difficult if you do not have or know the tools to help you with that. Deliverbility is an email verifier that provides you with tools to handle complex tasks like email verification and email validation in bulk. You can upload your contact list in bulk form, and within a few minutes, you can get a clean email list that contains no invalid emails or spamtraps.

So, when you send an email to your clean email data. You not only get a good sender reputation but also get a better engaging rate with your potential customers.

Good Deliverability needs Consistency

There is one more thing that you need to keep in mind. The key to a successful email marketing campaign is Consistency. You need to put your efforts in collecting quality data and apply good practices to ensure you are in touch with your loyal subscribers, and you constantly update your email list. If someone opts-out or is inactive, you have to let it go. Holding on to data/ emails that are not responding is not going to get you anything. It is better to send it to only a few who are interested in reading your email than thousands who do not bother about your content.

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