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Digital Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Entrepreneurs

Marketing is of fundamental importance, as its goal is to attract, capture, and retain customers. Good work in this area grows the business, and it is essential to have a specific strategy from the start of any business. A company reaches market positioning when the consumer associates his brand with the product or service he offers. This is only possible after many years of tenure and leadership.

Now, with digital marketing tools, a young company can be there for the appropriate consumer, at the right time, and with an appropriate message. This offers a compelling option for new proposals and forces those already in the mind of the consumer to remain vigilant.

Identify the Marketing Plan

At all stages of business development, an appropriate marketing plan is necessary to continue to attract, capture, and retain customers. The next question would be: if I am already known, how long should I maintain my marketing strategy? The best answer to this question is another question: how long do you want to keep selling? Marketing, in all its forms, must accompany each stage of the development of a business. The activity, which is not growing, contracts in the face of market developments and that of its competitors. On the other hand, the large segmentation offered by digital marketing and the powerful measurement tools of platforms like Google and Facebook, allow an adequate return on investment to be maintained at all times. So, as long as we control the return, the investment intended for digital marketing ceases to be a fixed expense and falls into the category of proportional cost, associated with the value of the product or service.

Focus on the Consumer

For any business, focusing on the consumer is a fundamental concept. In this paradigm, focusing on the benefits or solutions that the business proposition offers to the client is better than focusing on the properties of the object. Likewise, to assess a digital marketing agency, they must analyze whether in subsequent interviews the agency has internalized the current situation of its business and its needs, and then be able to respond to them, rather than just selling them. Of course, there are also objective parameters. For example, Google has a certified partner program for Google Ads services and even a quality distinction for certain agencies that receive the Google Premier Partner or “Google Premier Partner” category.

Online Platforms Used for Advertising

Likewise, other platforms such as Facebook Ads also have certification programs. The choice of a particular social network according to the audience for which it is intended is a fundamental starting point for the success of a digital marketing campaign. There is a network for each type of audience and company; for instance:

  • An e-commerce site has powerful tools for using Google Shopping campaigns.
  • A fintech that offers salary advances will find its best Facebook audience.
  • While for energy drinks or teen clothing, good results will be Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat.
  • Advertising on Tinder ensures a very defined target of young people without a partner.
  • Linkedin combines an ideal audience for B2B companies (business to business).