Why Domain Age Checker is Necessary for Your Business?

Often times, it is not easy to determine who is acting their age. This holds true in real-life scenarios as well as virtual ones. While it makes some sense in real life because of obvious reasons, when someone hides their age in virtual experiences (especially in case of a website), it is never a good sign. In this article, we will take a look at why domain age matters when it comes to online sites? Why should you check the domain age? Why should one even be interested in finding out if a website is acting their domain age or not? In the following paragraphs, we will be answering all of these questions and more.

Admit it!

You have been lured in by websites claiming to be a mega company rocking the planet in the past. Eye-catching designs, tell tall claims, and captivating content are such website’s biggest draws. They lure in the unsuspecting netizens into believing whatever it is they are selling. A little background checks on the domain, and you find out that something’s certainly not adding up. After a while, you realize that what you are dealing with is just a smokescreen to nothing more than a college graduate project.

The domain age check is a very straightforward process. It helps underpin various significant business decisions that can drastically impact your sales. You can quickly check domain age with the help of a domain age lookup or a domain age checker tool like ——-.

The Curious Case of an Imposter Website

A few years ago, a similar fraudster domain popped up, stealing our branding, logo, and linking back to us. By doing so, they tried to create an impression that they were our agents.

Some people got fooled by the similarities between the two websites and ended up losing precious revenue. When we tracked them back through domain age checking, we found out that they are novices located in Africa. They were phishing the unsuspecting customers and stealing credit card information and harvesting e-mail addresses.

We reported and got them to shut down. But who knows how many people got fooled in the meantime. Their domain had only been registered for a few weeks, but many people have already signed up. Their website was straight out of Google’s sandbox and had no online presence. However, the content on the website said they have been validating e-mails for a decade.

A little check about the website age would have rung the alarm bells to anyone. But unfortunately, only a few did. The rest decided to trust them on the basis of how appealing the website looked.

Domain age checker is an excellent tool for people to look a little bit closer to who they are actually dealing with before committing money to them. To find domain age. There are various such website age checker online free tools available in the market. You just have to enter the address of a domain, and they dig deep into the archives to find out the hidden information.

As per news sources, the National Cyber Security Center of the UK government has taken down almost 140,000 similar phishing websites since the last year. A staggering figure, indeed. What’s infuriating is that thousands of such sites go unnoticed, under the radar, and keep on scamming unsuspecting individuals.

Only if the people who got defrauded, had done a simple security check like checking the domain age before sending the information through suspicious websites, things would have been different. They wouldn’t have been fooled into uploading their valuable information and losing the credit card details. It would have prevented data loss. But of what use is crying over spilled milk?


By now, you should have an understanding of why domain age matters the most for any online deals. With the help of tools like a domain age checker, you can have a better understanding of whom you have business with — thus ensuring more accuracy and transparency in your deals. Doing so will also protect your privacy and safeguard against any online frauds. Websites that do not act their age usually don’t stay online for more than a year. So it would be best if you always were careful of any business deals with new and shady websites.