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Email Automation is Future

If you own online business, you must have heard about abandoned cart emails. When your customer adds something to their cart but doesn’t check out and complete the process, an email will remind them about the leftover process and encourage them to complete the process. It increases your conversion rate drastically.

It is not that difficult, and there should be no reason not to use it. All you got to do is connect your online store to a workflow. There are tons of service providers to help you with that and create triggers. It would be nice to have autonomous robots working for you and helping you convert your visitors to paid clients.

It is a powerful method of increasing conversions. Below are some of the points you need to keep in mind when designing a campaign.

  • Always use data to make precise decisions
  • Never forget to personalize each recipient
  • It is a simple process, and it does not require hard work.

Product recommendations and abandoned cart emails compliment make each other. Reminding a customer about they forgot to purchase a product is an excellent technique, but its a more significant opportunity to let them know what other great products they can buy. Using those two steps in your email marketing, you will be increasing your conversion rates.

Future of the marketing lies in automation and personalization. We can see how things have changed in the recent past, where the number of users on emails has increased with the introduction of smartphones and high-speed internet. Everyone is connected and aware. Online shopping is the future. Countries like Korea have online malls where you can order your kitchen and fridge items like juice and milk using the online store. These stores focus a lot on sending automated emails, reminding their clients about more products they can purchase.


Email marketing is going to change your business big time, and it takes only a few hours to setup automation and personalization using 3rd party services. We highly recommend using lead capture form connected to Deliverbility. Our email verifier will help you capture quality leads and filter emails entering into your database. This way, all the emails coming into your database are clean and valid. You can start mailing them without any worries about having that email to bounce back. No more hard bounce and invalid emails.