Most Epic Tips to Slice your Email Database

In case you are relatively fresh to the awesome world of email marketing, then you may not be aware of the significance of email segmentation. As indicated by a report, more than 75% of the email ROI is because of segmented and target marketing campaigns. Your promotional list decays every year, resulting in dead and inactive email addresses. Your primary need is to scrub them with the help of list cleaning software to reach the individuals who genuinely want to get newsletters from your brand. Give attention to gathering more information and data about the readers so that you can able to segment the list correctly. There we have a few ways of slicing your email database, which becomes very beneficial for you, so let’s have a look.

The Topic of Your Content

That’s something interesting. Based on the type of content your readers prefer, you can slice the email database. The majority of readers are far more attracted to a specific kind of content than the others. One reader may be interested in the content related to sale & marketing, whereas the other one may want to get success stories of various brands. So, it makes sense to place these two readers on the different lists and share email messages accordingly. Observe what type of content pages people prefer and then segment the email list. Unless you send what the client is interested in, you can never produce a successful email marketing campaign.

Purchasing Frequency

Segment your email marketing list based on how many times a client makes a purchase. Try to enhance their shopping frequency by sending email messages that relevant to their purchase. For example, If someone buying an eyeliner, offer them a discount on an eyeshadow. Moreover, award frequent consumers an invitation to their loyalty program. When you attempt to segment numerous buyers, you can share meaningful and relevant messages. Though, you still required to use IP email verifier for unwanted clients.

Job Function

It is essential and makes sense for a B2B marketer as the list comprises of individuals in different job functions. Such as, A salesperson will not like to get the messages meant for a designer. Consider the nature of your business before choosing to segment the users dependent on their job functions.

Apart from the abovementioned, you can segment the email list according to the educational level, interest level, past buys, and company type. And don’t forget to concentrate on utilizing online cleaning tool to reach the targeted audience.