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What Makes Email Marketing Effective?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to convert new prospects, as well as existing clients.

When you put your efforts to build an email list, it enables you to reach your audience easily at any point in time. New smartphones have given power to modern internet users. Their emails are in their pockets, and it is easy to reach them. Email marketing provides you with tons of data on your customers, which you can use to enhance your strategy and improve your business performance.

We recommend eight ways to get more out of your email marketing campaigns.

1. Email Checker /Email Verification

Often this happens, when someone signs up and uses their email to fill the form. They make a mistake, or provide an invalid email, which is kind of fake, or they do not use old email and switch to a new email service provider. It will harm your email marketing. Once the emails start bouncing, your delivery performance will suffer. Your emails will no longer reach inbox and will always go into junk or spam folders and the worst part. Getting labeled as a spammer. To avoid that, do email scrubbing or email verification.

2. Personalize for each recipient

We receive too many emails every single day, and you must have noticed that a reputable company will always address you with your name. People on your email list are the same. They are no different. When someone opens your email and its something general, they will delete it before reading it. So you need to get their attention. Personalizing your email with a simple hello and their name will create an impact. They will not think it some spam or unwanted email.

3. Use of emojis in the subject line

The modern world is full of emojis. It is fun and useful too. Check your messages on your phone. You will see it is very ordinary and people use them to express. The world is changing, and so is the email marketing trend. A recent study shows, emojis make a subject line stand out, and it pulls a much higher open rate too.

4. Test the time

It will be a bad idea to send an email to your entire list and think everyone is going to read it. It is a must that you should continuously check and experiment with deployment timings. Create a segment, send one half emails early morning, and send the other half in the afternoon. Collect the data and work accordingly. If you are getting better responses during the afternoon. Create smaller segments and emails your recipients with some break in between.

5. double opt-in list

Many people do not understand the positive impact of having a double opt-in list. They think this extra step might put the user away from moving ahead. The truth is a smaller double opt-in list that is more responsive than an extensive single opt-in email list. It is a simple fact if someone takes time and effort to opt-in to your double opt-in list. They are interested in your product/service.

6. Segmenting

It is a smart move to segment your list on the bases of open, click rates. Your messages become more relevant to the audience. It means better results and returns. Every listing has different types of subscribers. Some are interested in news, some in coupons, some in special promotions.

7. Custom email template

A recent study shows that there are over 68% of users who would open their emails daily on smartphones. So you must use custom email templates with a responsive layout to fit the users’ smart screen. Giving them easy to read and enjoy the content. The cost is minimal, and it helps in your email marketing.

8. call-to-action per email

An email without a call to action is going to suffer big time, and you will see minimal results. The purpose of any email is to perform some actions. If you miss that, what is the point of sending the email?