Importance of Email Marketing for Small Business

The importance of email marketing for small businesses is not always clear. Email marketing is being used by multiple organizations to develop their businesses and to grow revenue. If you are on the fence about email, we want to help you get started. The following are five benefits of email marketing for small businesses.

1. Reaching The Right Audience

This is considered to be one of the biggest benefits of email marketing for small businesses– it enables you to hit your target audience wherever they are. People have become more programmed than ever to ignore billboards, promotional materials, recycle printed, and fast-forward through commercials.

For a fact, research has shown that people spend thirty percent of their time at work and fifty percent of their time working from home on checking email. That is a lot of time spent in the inbox! Email marketing software can support to ensure your email gets to those people and gets opened.

This is not to say you should send emails per day, but you should be sending innovative, effective, creative emails because your network wants to hear from you. So, email marketing software is a way small businesses can easily reach an audience.

2. Tracking Metrics Over Time

Getting to Know what works is great. You can continue building on previous success. Equally as essential is to recognize where you can improve. While it is easier to focus on the positive, acknowledging where you can perform, adjustments will promote your products and services. By email marketing software, it becomes easy to gather such data by tracking conversion and click-through rates.

When you notice an email with a great click-through rate, use that as a base for future sends. For instance, if you notice an email with an image performs really well, utilize a compelling image in the next email. While we would suggest good news all the time, it is essential to know that not every email will be a smashing success. And that is okay. Be sure you have clear calls to action, and your links are all working perfectly, and the content is interesting.

3. Consistent Outreach and Increased Awareness

Staying top of mind is a not always in list of benefits of email marketing for small businesses, but it is a big one. Email marketing is an easy way to keep in touch with your network. This consistent outreach translates into people more clearly thinking of your business when they need your services. If you email your network once or maybe twice a year and it is only ever to promote your business, you will likely see very low engagement. There is not much in it for them, only for you.

4. A Cost-Effective Method

One of the benefits of email marketing for small businesses is affordability. The ROI in email marketing has been shown to improve year-over-year. A 2016 research by Campaign Monitor found that every one dollar invested in email marketing equaled a forty dollar ROI. So for small businesses on a tight budget, making the most bang for your buck means using email marketing.

5. Effective Calls to Action

Have you ever noticed a commercial, and by the end of it, you can not remember what the ad was about, let alone the company selling it? While the ad might have made you laugh, if you move on without going to a website or taking action, the ad did not work. With an active call to action, you can help generate sales faster. As a result of being asked to “email today” or “call now,” recipients do not have to guess what to do next. This helps keep their concentration focused and directed on your business.

Improve your Email Marketing Strategy

Hence, the importance of email marketing for small businesses might not always be that obvious, yet there are many. An email marketing strategy can benefit you to find new customers, engage them, and stay in contact with them, all while maintaining a reasonable budget.