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Greatest Email Tracking Tools for 2020

Usually, if you are an entrepreneur, then you possibly know some basic things about email marketing.

Maybe you have a feeling that you have created the ideal email that contains an alluring headline, attractive body copy, and a convincing call-to-action. So, what is the reason that you haven’t get any response from the receiver, did your message even land in the inbox of the receiver or it gets lost in the bunch of emails from other businesses? So, the thing you actually need to know is that people are actually getting your messages or not. That’s why they make email trackers for you.

By signing-up and installing an email tracker, you’ll have the option to get the data that tells you when your emails were opened, whether the receiver clicked any link inside the body of the message, and many more. Simply the email trackers rapidly track all the sent emails and then inform you about the status of your emails, whether they have been opened or not.

It magically resolves the issue; however, a decent email tracker can do considerably more. It offers you a chance to examine precisely how intrigued the receiver is in your email message, as well.

For your convenience, we have researched a lot and have figured out some best email tracker tools. With the comparison of multiple trackers in terms of prices and features, you will definitely understand that which one suits you the best.

Mail Track

Mailtrack is presumably the most ancient one and the most broadly known email tracker. The tracker was introduced in 2014 and now has around 1,250,000 clients. It permitted the organization to monetize the service, which means the main element that is not hidden in a free plan is email-open tracking.

While the premium form has a truly great list of capabilities, the free version can not compete with the majority of free email trackers. Its features include,

  • Unlimited tracking
  • Full Email Metrics
  • No Mailtrack signature
  • Email and phone support
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Works with Gmail for Android
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Daily Reports
  • Click Tracking
  • Reminders

Unlimited Email Tracker

This one is undoubtedly the best addition in the trackers. The tracker has such fantastic tools with lots of useful features, and most importantly, it is free and does not add any signatures. In my opinion, this one is the best, and you just stop your research there, but that would not be objective, so we should go further into what it can do.

For your basic knowledge, the unlimited email tracker was designed by, and it has 20k users with 400 plus five stars rating points. The tracker has so many fantastic features that ultimately satisfied its users. You get boundless access to the tracker’s functionalityutterly free of cost. Presently the tracker offers:

  • Unlimited email open and link click tracking
  • Send later (email scheduling, follow-up automation)
  • Conditional follow-up reminders
  • Web push notifications for opens and clicks
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Open and click history
  • Additional email tools on the leading platform

Email Tracker

This one is very much simple and easy to use tracking software on the list. Email tracker is a very user-friendly tracker; you just have to install it and then send an email. In case you wanted to check if the email message was opened for free – this is only a handful option that can do it label-free. Specifically, that’s the only thing you can see on the free account, whether the message has been opened, also how many times. However, to get a complete report, track links, location, or add more accounts, you are required to purchase the email tracker pro for 48 dollars a year. Its features include,

  • Full Recipient Report
  • Recipient Geographics
  • Auto link Tracking
  • Unlimited Emails


Docsify is a low profile extension that really offers such a respectable and fantastic list of features to those who are ready to pay for PRO and GROWTH versions. It has excellent reviews and offers CRM integrations on the 29 dollars per month GROWTH plan. The one and the only complaint I’ve gotten from the individual actually utilizing this tool was the total amount of email notifications you get subsequently. It’s expensive, yet an incredible tool.

cloudHQ Email Tracker

This one is also an excellent addition in the email tracker list, cloudHQ email tracker has all of the basic tracking features we have seen by now. Link click tracking, open tracking, reminders, notifications, etc., except one – and that is SMS notifications when the email is read. Besides all of this, one thing is weird. An eye-catching signature in your email that can not be removed until you upgrade. It is not uncommon for tracking tools for Gmail; however, it is disappointing. It has so many features including,

  • Unlimited email tracking (Premium)
  • Location tracking
  • Unlimited link tracking (Premium)
  • Multiple recipients email tracking (Premium)
  • Text notification (Premium)
  • Real-time notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Reminders (Premium)

Well, there is a vast list of trackers on the internet, but the important thing is your requirement and the requirement of your team. You don’t just pick the one because everyone has claimed that one the best. Do proper research, know your needs, and then select the one that is perfect for you. Test the free trials to check that the tracker truly gives you the desired result or not.