This Holiday Season Do Nothing, Except Sending Emails

Holidays are a great time for marketers. As subscribers are planning gifts for their loved ones, they regularly check their emails for any inspiration. You can utilize this opportunity by ramping up your frequency. However, it doesn’t mean that subscribers won’t get annoyed over frequent emails. So don’t take your campaign too far.

Increasing email frequency increase the number of complaints, and people may even opt to unsubscribe. It can harm your deliverability and reputation; therefore, while increasing email frequency may seem like a great way to increase revenues, doing so incorrectly can damage your reputation.

Increasing frequency presents an opportunity as well as a risk. To do it safely, follow these simple tips:

  1. Increase frequency gradually: Don’t go from 2 emails a week to eight. Instead, do so over time. This way, users will steadily get used to a higher frequency.
  1. Monitor subscriber reaction: With an increase in email frequency, complaints are bound to increase as well. Ensure that you are signed up for all the whitelists and feedback loops. Keep removing the complainers from your email list verifier. Otherwise, mailing complainers, again and again, can have a very negative impact on your business reputation.
  1. Give them something: Make sure that the information being sent is valuable to the subscriber. If your offer isn’t useful to them, they won’t engage, and you won’t be able to achieve the targets.
  1. Segment lists: Review your metrics to segment customers based on their engagement with your brand. Later you can adjust the frequency accordingly. You may need to reduce the email frequency for those who are not engaging with your emails.
  2. 5. Allow them to set preferences: Send customers to a preference center so that they can set the frequency of received emails. Doing so will give them options, and they won’t unsubscribe as much.