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Fact: Engagement Impacts Deliverability

We’ve heard predictions of the end of email for years. Like those who have foretold the end of the world, it’s mostly agreed that these people had no idea what they are talking about. Email is not dying. But that does not mean it isn’t changing. Technology is improving, email recipients are communicating differently, and mailbox providers are improving their algorithms. And the same goes for Validity. Our understanding of email verifier is arising, and we’re continuously improving our product to present the most reliable deliverability data in the world.

One of the sources that place our Return Path Platform in a class of its own is SmartSeeds. SmartSeeds for Gmail are the latest and latest deliverability monitoring mechanism in the industry. They provide senders insight into how their mail is delivering based on subscriber interaction.

The Following are three ways SmartSeeds are superior to anything else out there.

They Make Engagement Insights Available

Like Gmail, who are global mailbox providers, who are making placement decisions based on engagement, traditional seeds don’t make it anymore.

Since 2010 the reality is that the market has drastically shifted, and major mailbox providers have shifted towards engagement-based filtering. As of this, traditional seeds (what we call CoreSeeds) are not going to give you the precise deliverability insight at mailbox providers that use engagement-based filtering. Besides, with nothing behind the account interacting with messages, CoreSeeds do not provide engagement data for mailbox providers to examine. This indicates that traditional seeds (CoreSeeds) only provide an accurate representation of inbox placement at Mailbox Providers who do not use engagement filtering. SmartSeeds provide engagement-based insights to senders in an absolute and transparent way. Besides, we still love our CoreSeeds and know that they are an essential piece of knowing deliverability, we understand that the industry is transforming, and CoreSeeds are not sufficient anymore. SmartSeeds are the next advancement that this industry needs and will lay the groundwork for the future of inbox placement monitoring.

They provide the transparency the industry has never seen before

SmartSeeds give the insight senders are missing to understand deliverability metrics better. They also put senders in control. SmartSeeds give a more in-depth insight into how different levels of user engagement can affect one’s program by showing the broken down data broken engagement profile. This allows you to understand your deliverability across your subscriber base better and know the potential impacts on your KPIs.

This indicates that there is less mystery to the data, reducing some of the troubleshooting that senders usually have had to do to figure out what portion of your list is affected. Because the data is broken out for you, you can look at the data and manage where the deliverability issue is affecting you and determine how to approach the solution. If you view inbox placement challenges with your engaged subscribers, you will address the problem differently than if you see inbox placement difficulties with your least interested subscribers. These insights make troubleshooting quite easier and support you to predict impacts on your campaigns and marketing KPIs.

They Provide Complete Coverage

SmartSeeds offer 100% coverage for our senders. This indicates that every sender can view engagement-based deliverability metrics on every campaign they send. No mystery, no guessing, no hoping. By SmartSeeds, you are not leaving engagement-based deliverability insights to chance. You see engagement-based placement data for 100% of your campaigns, and we offer this coverage for 100% to our clients. We give full coverage internationally, we also have full coverage on small campaigns, and we have full coverage for niche senders. For every sender on every campaign globally.

We can all agree now that email isn’t dead. But we all need to learn that email is not static either. It’s evolving, advancing, and growing consistently. With our Return Path and Validity products, we’ve got you covered. We are shaking and moving, unlike anyone else in the industry—with us, you are getting the most advanced and best deliverability data available on earth.