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Top 10 Free Bulk Email Verifier Tools and Services

Email verification is not a newbie in the market; whoever connects with email marketing must familiar with the term already. Only marketers know the value of an active and valid email address because any error in the email address cost them a big loss. In the current era, email marketing is one of the amazing marketing techniques, but it requires to adopt the latest trends.

Remember, “only a dead fish goes with the flow.” So, if you want to be a smart and advanced email marketer, you must have to know about the active practices of email verification. There is a bunch of them, but the most effective is to pick a free bulk email verifier tool that corrects all the flaws in the email addresses and make your deliverability rate amazingly good.

Indeed, a few services have raised, and every one of them is great. However, one thing that makes a difference in one another is their email verification method technique. Also, if you go out looking at for the best email verifying service, then I could just say that it will be an endless business for you.


So here, I manage to make a list of my best picks on email verification services, which are almost helpful for you when you want to works on email list cleaning. Let’s have a look at the menu.

1. Email Checker

Email Checker is the most trustworthy email checking service and one of the most strong and exact emails verifying services in the whole market. They have numerous levels of services, offering something to affordable for everyone.

The free bulk email verifier tool gives an enormous level of information and experience which joined with their strong and devoted server framework, gives clients superior email confirmation. Email Checker impacts the business, with complete coordination documentation for Python, PHP, C#, and many more. It’s amazing features make every email marketers life stress free.

2. Clearalist List Cleaning

Another well-known title in the market is the Clearalist email list cleaning that also offers real-time email verification. Inspire your clients by sending marketing campaigns to the legitimate email address and get a favorable position in the game of email marketing. It recognizes all the fake, invalid, and terrible email addresses from the mailing list, and give it a new look quickly.

It’s one of the smart email verification services that purges all the terrible and dormant email addresses from your mailing list and gives the best outcomes speedily. You should simply transfer or upload the messy list to its web interface, and they will provide you with a strong and fresh email list that will be prepared for sending marketing campaigns.

Simultaneously with confirming if an email is deliverable (won’t hard bounce), they will likewise check for high-risk emails, disposable emails, complainers, emails linked to online fraud, and different other hazardous emails that can contrarily influence deliverability. No other supplier gives this type of detail.

3. Xverify

They are undoubtedly the business pioneer in the email list cleaning domain. What makes them one of a kind is that you can call and talk straightforwardly with an email expert. Being that they are EU Privacy Shield Certified and resided in the United States, you can believe them to securely and effectively clean your information.

By limiting the fraud, decreasing spam complaints, and wiping out hard bounces, it assists in enhancing the email deliverability for digital marketing. While playing out the email validation procedure, the email validator ensures that the username is enlisted with the domain.

4. MailGet List Cleaning

Commonly recognizable for its speedy outcomes. The product cleans all the terrible and idle emails giving you just quality results. Besides, it wastes out all the inactive or unhealthy emails so that you can only have valid email addresses. The verifier offers a great inbox deliverability rate alongside a fresh active mailing list.

With the assistance of its duplicate email verification, one can hassle-free remove or expel all the copy/duplicate emails from the mailing list. Moreover, It automatically extracts all disposable or awful emails to gives you just a good email marketing list.

5. myEmailVerifier

myEmailVerifier is a free bulk email confirmation service that encourages you to expel spam traps, invalid, and all other garbage email addresses from your mailing list.

Their email verification tool supports you in recognize spam traps, fake or abuse, and disposable emails from your email list and gives you a refreshed clean mailing list.

You have to clean your email database with our email verifier so that you can able to enhance your email deliverability and ensure your reach to more genuine people. myEmailVerifier offers cleaning your marketing list with 98% accuracy at reasonable packages.

6. BriteVerify

The next in the pipeline is BriteVerify. Not a new product in the field of email verification, it performs email confirmation in real-time without conveying the message.

Email verification API can be utilized on web forms, mobile devices, landing pages, POS frameworks, or anywhere else. It can smoothly perform email list confirmation in real-time that make it one of the unique product in the market.

7. Bulk Email Checker

Bulk Email Checker is a web app that provides a user-friendly free bulk email verification tool. It is an SMTP based email checker. It can also perform real-time email check and effectively incorporates with Google Sheets. The bulk email checker filters duplicates and also conducts a profound cleaning SMTP test. Moreover, It filters against disposable suppliers and your blacklisted address, provides information security through a two-way encryption strategy.

8. Email List Validation

Email List Validation checks the mailing list for invalid or fake emails, hard bounces, and spam traps. It categorizes the low-quality addresses and high-quality addresses and ensures that messages are sent to genuine individuals. The verifier expels duplicate email addresses and performs risk validation for high-risk keywords and TLDs. It can likewise check for inert, invalid, or parked domains.


The next picking is, which helps advanced advertisers and digital marketers in their email marketing campaigns.

It can clean and verify the mailing list and helps in boosting the email deliverability rate. It supports the organizations in getting exceptional ROI by disposing of hard bounces. It can also check single as well as bulk emails.

10. Verifalia

It’s an online email analyzer that gives an API to approving the incoming email address. It will be real-time validation, can also perform an email list check. Without sending the message, it can be able to check the email. Smartly removes duplicate email addresses and checks the existence of a mailbox.


That’s all for today! I just have tried to compile the rundown of the best free bulk email verifier tools in the market to helping you out.

When the matter is to select the best and quick email verification and confirmation service, try to pick it smartly. The reason is, it lets you boost your email campaign by connecting with potential clients.