We are committed to improve our email validation service. We strive to protect your data and privacy. We know it’s very important for all of our customers and visitors and deliverbility ensures its policies are as rules and global regulations.

GDPR Compliant


The General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of rules that dictate privacy and security standards for data collected from EU citizens. Companies need to adhere to new regulations regarding how data is collected, processed and stored. We always take your privacy extremely seriously, that’s why the first steps towards aligning ourselves with these standards were implemented in 2018.

Manage your Preferences

Our main website / landing page is hosted internationally but our email validation software and databases are hosted within EU adhere to the new data protection regulations. You can contact our support center for more information using live chat or sending an email to support@deliverbility.com You have the option to login and manage your profile / account or if needed you can request to delete profile and all its data.

Our Email Validation Service.

Following are the options we provide you as data collecting service provider:

  • Edit / change your information and update it whenever is required.
  • Delete all the info on the profile and inside the account.
  • Option to receive any promotional emails from us.

As a Data Processor, Deliverbility now has:

Addressing GDPR Protocols

Deletion of Data

As a user, you can request or delete your data from your account on Deliverbility. We comply with your requests and provide you facility to delete your own data in your account at any time

Emails Duplication

Record Processing Activities

In compliance with GDPR, we maintain a record of our processing activities. We provide this information to our customers if requested. All the activities of cleaning, purchase is logged to identify user with IP, date, list name and total records processed for each customer.

Domain Validation

Restriction of Data Movement

Deliverbility Customers based in EU can validated and clean their email lists on our servers in EU.