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Gmail: The Modern Spam Filter

The Gmail new spam filter is indeed Google friend connect. Disguised as a friend list, the levels of authorization now accessible in Gmail and are a powerful spam filter.

Google friend connect, and Google friends list in Gmail isn’t, in fact, a friends list. Well, it is a spam filter. Here we discover some amazing stuff regarding GFC, so let’s get started now.

Four Levels of Spam Filtering in Gmail

  • Websites we have joined via the Google Friend Connect widget.
  • Websites you haven’t joined.
  • The Gmail clients are not listed in your contacts.
  • The Gmail clients who are listed in friends and contacts list in Gmail.
  • Gmail users are listed in Chats.
  • Gmail users are listed in Google Latitude.

Thinking about Google a few days ago and the fact that I receive so little spam that this rolled right in. The majority of you have followed me for some time now, and you recall to when a mistaken Trend Micro false-positive demolished my business.

What I never clarified is that my Google friends list and also my social contacts on Facebook are the things that saved me. The one reason I continued to conveying email to anybody was through my Gmail friends list. However, I was an early adopter of Google Friend Connect and was out to create a mailing list in Gmail early on. And I had numerous mutual companions in the eyes of Google. At the point when you become mutual friends in any of the Google apps, for example, GFC widgets, Google Lattitude, and Gchat, you are automatically included, your Gmail address that is, to one another’s Gmail contacts list.

Presently as a social marketer, I feel that is cool, although from an email viewpoint, receiving your email to the Inbox is the way by which you get profit. What is the easiest way there than getting your guests to a friend through a GFC widget?

However, Google does work for you! There is likewise no whitelisting procedure for email delivery in Gmail and no open FBL (feedback loop) for getting spam tab click complaints. These are the crucial necessities we use as emailers to continue getting our email delivered. Google has swapped this procedure by utilizing levels of trust. I am merely guessing here, so I can’t say this is a fact, and we can’t be sure whether it is.

Google Levels of Trust

Level Of Trust #1

Let’s state you have joined my website through the GFC widget to your right. At that point, Google would convey an email from that website to your Gmail inbox. Meanwhile, it was YOU who built up the relationship.

Level Of Trust #2

Suppose that you and I are mutual companions made through GFC and now have our address in our Gmail contacts. I would say our messages to one another would get delivered.

Level Of Trust #3

Suppose that I have sent you a chatting invitation, and you have acknowledged, and now we both show in our chat widgets. I would say this is a much higher possibility that our messages to one another ought to go straightforwardly to the Inbox.

Level Of Trust #4

Suppose you have sent me a Google Latitude request, and now you and I share our locations at every level in Google Latitude. I would surely say that our messages are going to reach in each other’s Inbox now.

Would you be able to perceive that how Google is utilizing what typically is a social website to deliver better what we need all need? Well, I don’t exactly know about you, but I need NO SPAM, and I need my Email Checker Now, not after scanning the spam organizer for 60 minutes. It possibly happens when you utilize a Gmail address. You probably get the benefit of these social highlights when you use a Gmail address to sign in to Google applications like Google Lattitude. So, go and get one.