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Google Respects Your Privacy

Concerned about your emails being read by someone?! According to Google, Gmail indeed analyzes email content automatically, without human intervention, and it does so in order to display advertising links which are intended to be relevant.

Gmail Qualities:

The qualities of this free messaging service are, however, numerous. Its interface, little “customizable,” is sober and relates to the essentials. The service is reactive with a quick information display. Messages in a Gmail mailbox can be viewed online or from email software. Gmail also allows you to send and receive messages from an account, like that of its service provider.

Other qualities include ease of use, the grouping of emails by conversation and by keywords, chat function, compatibility Pop, management of a Pop account from Gmail, spam filtering, checking of attachments against viruses, with a size limit of attachments of 20 MB.

The Importance of Keywords:

This webmail also proposes to classify the mails finely using one or more keywords rather than putting them in a directory. We could, for example, create a filter in order to assign a keyword, only one at a time, depending on the correspondent or the content of the email. Its search module allows you to perform searches on a given keyword, and not several.

Displaying Emails in the form of a Conversation

The Monitoring display function groups the content of emails linked to a conversation, again facilitating the consultation of the emails. You can check your emails online or from standard email software.

Gmail includes a Chat Module

Nothing could be easier to converse with other users of this webmail, then archives the online discussion in the form of an email. Besides, like classic email software, Gmail indicates the connection status of its correspondents. Of course, access to the various Google services is at your fingertips. The best example: Word and Excel documents, but not PowerPoint presentations, sent as attachments, open directly in the Google Documents online office suite.

Gmail Offers Spell Checker:

Gmail also offers a spell checker that checks for attachments against the virus (analysis not evaluated). Its spam filter works rather well: of the 220 or so spam emails contained in the mailbox, only 10% were not detected. Of course, other Google services are just a click away. The proposed storage space is 6.5 GB for a maximum size of attachments of 20 MB.

For its competitor, storage is unlimited. That said, the 3 GB will allow Gmail users to store several thousand documents or files attached. And it is not necessary to be invited by a user of this well thought out webmail to open an account; it can be done directly.