Innovative Ideas to Use Social Media for Growing Marketing List Organically

Currently, social media has become a third arm for plenty of marketers. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are integrated into our personal as well as professional life. Also, more and more social media tactics are helping marketers to build an active email marketing list. And, these platforms help in branding your company and product. You can attract the audience with your campaign and ask the readers for their email ids.

Furthermore, your readers are likely to engage with your social media networks regularly than your site. You can share relevant material and build a stable marketing platform. However, you need to clean the mailing list regularly by using free bulk email verifier to eliminate unwanted subscribers. There are some of the best innovative ideas of growing your mailing list using social media.

Lead-Generating Facebook Ad

The fastest and most straightforward technique to generate leads from Facebook is by spending on promotion. With Facebook Ads, you can target clients according to your demographics. Moreover, if you build an active campaign, you will experience a surge in the number of email subscriptions. It is not as effortless as you think because you cannot only throw your ads to the audience. You have to optimize the copy, which clicks with the readers carefully. However, remember to use a verifying tool regularly as many clients give their email address only for availing your offer.

Promoting Gated Content

The gated content is password protected and not available publicly to every person. It’s merely a content that is hidden until the followers provide their email address. And, you are missing on potential chances by not using gated content. Readers who are honestly interested in your content are probable to share their email address. This way, you can produce high quality leads from gated blogs. Use social media to endorse your content and increase your client base.

Create A Contest Or Competition

Contest on Twitter and Facebook are one of the foremost ways to build a good email marketing list. You need to come up with hashtags, particularly for your competition, to drive social media engagement.


When used appropriately, social media can effortlessly take your business to the next level of success. The key here is that. You must continue to grow your social media following, but make sure that you are continually converting those users into email leads. That’s the step that separates the amateur marketers from the pros. And don’t forget to use any email validation tool daily to avoid invalid subscribers.