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Hard Bounces versus Soft Bounces

Today we will try and explain to you the difference between hard bounce vs. soft bounce. Marketing has changed since the arrival of the internet. Nowadays, a whole lot of marketing is done online either by using social media or also by sending out mass emails. This email marketing campaign’s effectiveness, however, is affected by many different things.

When you send out an email, and the server rejects your email, which is called a bounce. If you are trying to run an email marketing campaign, it is essential, and you need to know what is a hard bounce and what is a soft bounce. You must know the difference to your measure and address the problem. If the number of bounces shoots up, then you have a severe problem that needs attention. In simple words, the success of your email campaign relies on this

What on earth is a Hard Bounce?

Now you must be wondering what a hard bounce is in email marketing. A hard bounce is dangerous; it means that there is a permanent reason an email can’t be delivered. A hard bounce is when you send out an email, and that ends up being returned to you because the recipient’s email address is invalid. A hard bounce can also happen if the domain name is faulty or if simply the email address is not real.

  • Recipient’s email address does not exist; it’s a total fake.
  • The domain name is not real, and it is just made up.
  • The recipient email server has made sure that emails are filtered out, and loads of emails end up never getting there.

What is Soft Bounce?

Soft bounces generally indicate a temporary delivery problem to an email address and are treated in a different way than hard bounces. When an email address soft bounces, it will immediately show as a soft bounce inside the campaign report.

If an email address maintains to soft bounce in more campaigns, the email address will finally be taken into consideration by a hard bounce and cleaned from your email list. While there are numerous reasons an email address may soft bounce, below are some common reasons this may occur.

  • Mailbox is full (over quota). If the person has not been cleaning out their inbox, likely, their inbox cannot handle more stuff. If they clean it out, future emails will not bounce and will reach them.
  • The recipient email server is down or offline.

An email message is just too large. An email cannot be as long as Paradise Lost by Milton. It has to be precise. In case an email is way too long, then it will not get delivered.

Solution for Hard Bounces

It is where an email verifier service comes in handy and saves you a lot of trouble by cleaning up your lists and making sure that your Campaign does not encounter hard bounce trouble.