Have You Ever Heard of Growth Hack for Email Marketing?

Statistics show that above ninety percent of global users checked their email at least once a day last year. Among billion emails sent every day, how your business will stand out from competitors? This question can be answered easily.

By email marketing campaigns, you have access to data that can be used to improve your ROI. It comprises content, segmentation, sending time, subject line, and all can be examined to generate more conversions. Including a process known as growth hacking that helps increase trends and acquire results faster. The email manager separated a few steps for you to follow this trail in your marketing plans.

Targeting that approaches

Only the numbers will be able to show if your email marketing campaigns are being productive and, above all, reaching your target audience. For this, you need to gather personal information such as interactions, age, location, and everything else that is interesting to reach the right people to the services and products that your company offers.

Send email marketing to contacts that do not match the profile of your customers, without any segmentation, is synonymous with less open rates and clicks. Targeting the campaigns is the best way to meet the interests of your target audience with relevant content capable of generating conversions.

Subject Lines that attract

Creating titles for emails is complicated and easy at the same time. Bear in mind that they are the first opportunity to impress those who are on the other side, in addition to improving the opening rate.

When you think of the subject line, speak directly to your reader, be emotional, and offer a better solution to his problem, giving that emergency touch. Do you know what we mean? Bear in mind to keep the text between forty and sixty characters. Allied to this, you can promote A/B testing to find the most efficient title. The one that reaches more openings and clicks will be the big winner.

Responsive Email to all

Before you start preparing the extension of the subject line tester, the content (text + design) of your email marketing campaign, Bear in mind the phrase mobile-friendly and mobile-first. Above all, mobile users already exceed desktop users, especially when it is about checking their emails. Today not being receptive is out of the question, and this is true not only for websites but also for emails.

If your email marketing campaign cannot be seen and read easily and quickly by mobile, start over again. For the visual part, choose lighter images that do not take so long to load. Create a good design, appeal to the sense of urgency, and invest in the call to action (CTA).

What about the numbers?

Numbers move marketing. With them, you are capable of creating a strategy to enhance results and produce more conversions. In a few words, they manage the rules of the game. In addition to the reports that come with email marketing campaigns, you have on Google Analytics, the greatest ally to weigh each piece of your actions.

Information is the key to know what works and what can be improved. Through a tracking code, applied to each generated link, you have access to all results closely.


This is just a short piece of the trail that you can follow to optimize the conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns and see your business thrive. The concept of growth hacking is not news anymore to professionals, particularly those related to technology. The secret is making mistakes, testing possibilities, and getting it right then, and, to complete the path, closely track everything that is applied.