Some Helpful Gmail Tools for Better Email Experience

Gmail (also called Google Mail) is one of the top email service providers that continuously show signs of advancement with time. Gmail comes with a lot of extraordinary highlights & features, yet there are also some different tools out there like Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons enhancing the experience and use. Gmail web service can be upgraded and extended because of numerous ways. A list of essential tools is given. They will assist you in adding some helpful functions to your account to change its outlook.

Desktop Applications

Gmail Notifier is a Dock or menu bar. It notifies you about all of your new email messages from your google mail account. You can read, delete, or even mark them as read without having to open a browser.

gDisk is a product. It makes your Gmail account a convenient hand drive. Because of this item, you can generally access your relevant documents over the Internet. The application is made to be kept running on Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

gFeeder is a little personalized ticker application. It offers clients the chance to see the situation in their Gmail Inbox immediately.

Gmail Drive is the application, utilizing a virtual file framework made on the highest point of the Gmail account. It enables clients to save the documents stored on your Gmail account just as to recover them directly from inside Windows Explorer. Another drive is added to clients’ PCs under the My Computer folder. Their new folders can be made and copied. Any files can be relocated to them, as well.

Gmail Loader will help you when you need to bring the existing email into Gmail. The application is intended for Linux and Windows. GML is free and straightforward to get.

Being is a Shell Namespace Extension, GMailFS enables you to utilize Gmail as a storage channel, making a virtual framework around Google Gmail account.

GotMailG shows the quantity of unread and new emails in a Gmail account. Being a dashboard gadget for Mac OS X 10.4, it has very easy to utilize and primary interface. Distinctive shaded backgrounds are upheld now also.

POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA supports the feature of the POP3 access to your Gmail account.

A big relief with the Sent to Gmail tool, as you can backup any file from your computer to google account.

Firefox Tools

Better Gmail is a Gmail enhancement extensive suite that incorporates saved searches, skins, keyboard macros, attachments symbols, and updates.

Agent to Remember the Milk includes another catch Gmail messages. This button produces an email to “Remember the Milk that makes another task. This way is flawless to transform email messages into assignments in a fast manner. A connection is held back to the first original email.

Dragdropupload offers the client a chance to drop documents into attachment boxes instead of typing or browsing in the filename. Fill every one of the entries and drop various documents. It permits including new upload files in specific sites. In Gmail, the documents can be dropped straightforwardly over the “attach a file” link.

GCalQuickTab permits simple exchanging between Google Calendar and Gmail in your browser. It overrides the default behavior of the new Google/Gmail Calendar links. They, in their turn, show up in the upper-left-hand corner of those websites. The tab of the connected web application that is already open is brought into attention without opening it in another window. Keyboard short keys like “l” for Calendar and “g” for Gmail additionally can be utilized to switch applications.


Php Gmail Drive incorporates a lot of PHP script to share Gmail connections with others. The application logins to Gmail accordingly. It fetches an accessible record list that is then accessible to download for other people. MP3 format files can be stored in your Gmail account due to Gmail Music Application. The music can also be played on the desktop employing an online GUI.

Make your Gmail a helpful To Do list through Gmail Todo.

Being a Gmail notifying module for Trillian Pro, You’ve Got Gmail, permits dealing with your Gmail accounts, as well as to see the list of the accounts in the My Mail Accounts area of Trillian. You likewise are declared when new messages arrive using system plate popup windows.

To improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns, use an email verifying tool to remove bounces, spam traps, duplicate, invalid, temporary, outdated, and harmful emails. This type of email checker brings real customers and better results to take your email marketing to the next level.