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The Headache of Every Email Marketer; High Bounce Rates and Low Open Rates

On various threads, a vast number of individuals keeps going on and on and on about how there is some problem with their Mailer/ESP (generally AWeber) or whatsoever mailer they are utilizing, and these are the mailer’s error they are seeing:

  1. Higher than ordinary bounce rates.
  2. Lower than ordinary open rates.
  3. Shallow email mailing list engagement.

BTW, AWeber is encountering a SpamCop listing. Here is Why You Should Not Care

That’s not so new.

ALL mailers get registered in filters every once in a while. It just lasts a short timeframe, then the block goes away, and we are back in the saddle. It could merely be the widely adored, Active Campaign. It happens folks; it’s how email is nowadays.

IMHO-It has so much to do with the quality of your mailing list and whether or not these short-term listings all mailers/ESPs experience are appearing as a little higher bounce rates on your dashboards.

As far as I can find the somewhat elevated bounce rate in AWeber? It’s Comcast addresses that consume the SpamCop blacklist.

No, there is no purpose to get all energized and start posting terrible things about AWeber. Or posting threads about what mailer to move your list- To which: Will return around 50 individuals saying you must move to Active Campaign.

Why You Should Overlook Lessor Email Performance

“Cables” as us deliverability folks call them, for example, Comcast and COX are notoriously terrible for Delivery. Do not get energized, in case they are the reason for your bounces.

It is August now, and individuals are on holiday and preparing for back to school season. Following 15 years in retail (possessed a bar in my 20s), I hate August and September.

Stop dwelling on the negative! The honorable man that inspired this rant has an email list of 8400 and is genuinely worried about 200 bounces. Concentrate on the individuals who are getting your messages, not the 2.3% that are not, as they are utilizing Comcast as their email address checker.

In case you are in a “civilian” niche that sells during Christmas, preparing for the holiday season now is the thing that you ought to do.

In case you are in the marketing niche of things, preparing for after Christmas is the thing that you ought to do — and investing your energy and time, bringing massive value to your continuity subscribers and paying customers.

Christmas is a timeframe well known for a drop-in individuals area subscriber, promotional products deals go down, and your consulting customers possess less time for you.

In case you are encountering higher negative indicators in your ESP (or mailer as I call Autoresponders) dashboard, at that point, pick up the phone and call the support, you pay for this, utilize it!