How Feedback Loop Analysis Enhances Deliverability

What do you understand about meaning of the term Feedback Loop? Its appeal is directly linked to user complaints about your e-mail marketing and can be valuable to explain the content you submit. This is the aim of our post today on the blog.

Understanding how the Feedback Loop Affects your Email

The Feedback Loop is a resource developed by a company called Return Path. It focuses on ‘e-mail intelligence,’ and consists of an alerts system via e-mail, to know when a subscriber marks a mail as spam or junk. Spam complaints about your e-mail marketing campaigns have a significant impact on your reputation as an email sender, so would it be useful to know who is reporting your mail as spam?

The feature works as a tool for the servers to monitor any abuse on their networks. They are also readily available for senders who would like to utilize the information to clean their lists of customers and gain valuable insights into what may be negatively affecting their e-mail marketing strategy.

Meet the Email Providers using the resource

Many e-mail providers widely disseminate the option to create feedback loops. The following is a list of names that have the said functionality:

  • AOL
  • Bluetie / Excite
  • Comcast
  • Cox
  • Fastmail
  • Hotmail
  • OpenSRS / Tucows
  • Rackspace (formerly Mailtrust)
  • RoadRunner / Time Warner Cable
  • Synacor
  • Earth
  • Uniteed Online / Juno / NetzeroYahoo!

Please note that Gmail is not part of the list, but it has an auto mechanism to register cancellation. That’s because Google’s e-mail provider offers the user the options to cancel the registration when a mail is marked as spam, although it was previously added to the list of trusted senders. By confirming, Gmail itself sends an e-mail to the sender soliciting user registration to be canceled. The process is very similar to the Feedback Loop, but it only works if the sender is on the list of trusted addresses.

How Complaints can Help your Email Marketing

No one likes to receive any negative criticism, not even to receive complaints about their business. However, it’s not always a bad thing. Customer complaints can help your business to qualify your e-mail marketing campaigns by identifying the conditions of contact lists,frequency, content, and customer regularly.

  • List: may sometimes indicate problems if you have two separate lists receiving similar content as often.
  • Content: may sometimes indicate the same as the previous item, so it’s worth noting that relevance is even more essential in this case.
  • Frequency: may sometimes indicate expectations for those who receive the e-mails, so no more, no less, send what was actually settled at the time of customer opt-in.
  • Time: may sometime indicate old contacts and even inactive contacts on your list, and they are very likely to have been reported your e-mail as spam.

How to take Advantage in your campaigns

The first step to have the benefits of the feedback loop begins with your registration. It’s essential to take note that regardless of your email checker, it’s free. Listed above are the particular links with their respective providers, directing users to the registration form. Each one requires different information, which may vary between domain, IP address to send the e-mails, your contact details, and the e-mail registered to receive the return messages. Some may even go further, requesting authentication of DKIM.

The return e-mail is a copy of the e-mail with the user’s complaint, which can be used by the sender to collect any useful information from there. The most favoured format for that purpose is the Abuse Reporting Format or ARF. With the help fo feedback loop, you can remove these users from your contact list, avoiding negative impact on the deliverability rate of your e-mail markeing campaigns and avoiding your reputation to be put down due to the detour of these messages, if they continue to be sent, to the spam box. Besides, you can also identify network security problems. In short, if your IP, for some reason, gets compromised, you will know, and you will be able to take any action to reverse the situation. And to list another benefit of FBLs, you will be able to collect more detailed data from campaigns, perhaps even proven some ineffective actions, taking the chance to re-evaluate and to target them in a better way to improve your lists and to distribute your IPs to send.

Therefore, the feature can be an opportunity to enrich your e-mail marketing campaigns. Through it, you can see how your customers feel about the content they receive. And there is a chance for your company to understand this feeling and to convert them to generate greater engagement with your contact database.