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How to Land in Gmail’s Primary Inbox

It is fascinating how things change when it comes to website traffic. Social media on its peak and is rising. The hype is wild about social media being the decision-maker on traffic nowadays. However, we know social media is not everything, and it’s your Email List where the real money lies.

Your emails reach your intended recipient require some hard work, and it is challenging. Gmail, being number 1 email service provider, has done some fantastic work. It is offering an in-app built-in email organizer. That option is simple yet so powerful that it decided where your email should go. Websites that I signed up on years back, all their emails land into my promotion folder. In other words, Gmail knows those emails are junk, and that is why they are moved to the promotions tab. I know its not good news if you like me, depending on the traffic you generate through email marketing.

So, if you have faced the issues recently on the decrease in open and click rates, I have got some tricks for email marketers and bloggers to increase the email campaign results.

Call them by the Name

You got to connect. Address your reader with their Names. Almost all the email marketing companies offer tag tool. It gives a personal and professional feel. Readers can relate things to themselves, and they know the email is meant for them. It is not some random spam. It will help you connect better, and they will feel the connection to your story.

With a simple name trick used by Uber, I get their emails in my primary folders.

Traditional Form

Personal touch would always win in email marketing. Keeping it simple and to the point with a natural tone, readers will feel personal and connected to your content. It will help you fool google too.

The Images

Gmail being the king of the email industry, has its own set of rules. Trust me; Google does not like images in the email content. It is considered as promotion or spam in simple words.

So you are not the only one affected with this if you are still following old ways of creating email templates. Millions are affected, and it would not matter because Google has its own rules, and you got to follow them.

One Link

Email marketing is used for generating traffic to the website. Right? So, the best thing to do is write an email that is simple, clean, and effective and give them a reason to click that little link you have mentioned. I know some people will not agree with just 1 link. You can get away with more than 1 link in the email, but no one can guarantee you that. Google is smart, and it is getting smarter every day with user behaviour. The system updates and upgrades its filters on auto.

No to RSS

We have experienced, and all the RSS feeds land in the promotion tab. RSS is automated, and Google is smart. It can detect that it is not sent by any human. It is an automated software that is sending mass numbers of emails. That means it is not that important, and it should be in the promotion tab rather then Gmail primary folder.


Bulk mailing required email validation. Your data can get rusty, and if you have old emails that are no longer in use will result in a hard bounce. It reflects on your sender reputation, and google checks your sender reputation as well. It is also a factor that helps Google to decide what needs to be done to your email. Remove all junk, spam, and invalid emails from your list before you send an email campaign. Use email spam checker to identify spam and invalid emails.