How to use

  1. Account Creation.
    1. Create your account by using a valid email address, you can do that by clicking on Start FREE trial on right top corner of page or by filling your email address on home page banner.
  2. Verify Your Account.
    1. Login to your email account provided during signup process. Kindly check your junk folder in case you do not receive email in your inbox. Move email to inbox and click on the link to verify account on
    2. Provide details and fill the profile page as selecting your region, phone number and creating your own password which you remember easily.
  3. Login to Dashboard.
    1. Once your account is ready, you can now access your dashboard and on right hand side you will different options to work with.
      1. Dashboard
      2. Realtime
      3. Bulk List
      4. Buy Credits
      5. Documentation
      6. About
      7. Help
      8. Available Credits
    2. Real Time
      1. Real time is option available for you to validate and check a single email real time. Simply type in the email address and press verify button. System will check your email and verify it real time. Once the email is checked you will get the results as follows. Email |Syntax|Disposable|Role|Domain|SMTP. If your email is valid and ready to accept email messages you will see it will be highlighted in Green. If email has any of the issues you will get the filed in red and system will give marking on the issue and mark X in the field.
    3. Bulk List
      1. When you click on bulk list you will get 2 options on the top.
        1. Paste Emails
        2. Upload Files
      2. Paste Emails: If you only have list of emails and wish to copy paste, you can simply select them and copy paste. Make sure all the emails are in separate lines. Simply give name to your list and click on validate. System will check and verify your emails. Once done, you will need to click on verify button to start validating further.
      3. Upload files: You can simply select a csv file by clicking on choose file or drag and drop. CSV should have heading on column like, name, email address, phone etc. Once the file is uploaded it will start processing. Once the upload is done, you need to click on verify now for system to start cleaning
      4. Buy Credits: 1 credit = 1 email validation. In some cases, there are special or premium domains like yahoo and Microsoft which require more then 1 credit to validate. simply type in the number of credits you need to validate emails and follow the steps online. You have the option to pay using any major debit or credit card or PayPal. After successful payment, your credits get updated automatically in your dashboard.
      5. Help: using help you can generate ticket or contact our team. In case of issue you can always email or use livechat.
  4. Results:
    1. Valid
      1. These emails are valid and you can send them emails. They are ready to accept any incoming email.
    2. Invalid
      1. These emails did not respond, so its not recommended to send any email as this would result in hard bounce.
    3. Domain invalid
      1. Email addresses in this category have invalid domain such as is spelled and typed as or So, these are not valid and sending email will result in hard bounce.
    4. Role
      1. In this category the emails are separated due to nature or the email. Role based emails are linked to specific department or group of people. Such as sales, support, care etc. So, sending emails to them is okay but most of the time they have auto replies.
    5. Disposable
      1. Disposable emails are temporary emails accounts. There are various websites which are offering emails which expire in 20 to 30 minutes. So, sending email to these accounts will result in bounce back.
    6. Spam
      1. Spam emails are linked with spamming or their domains are greylisted. Sending emails to them is not a good idea.
  5. Credits
    1. Expiry
      1. Your credits never expire
      2. Gmail and Business emails will cost 1 credit per check
      3. Yahoo, Microsoft, Aol, icloud etc are premium domains and will cost 2 credits per check.