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How to Use the Email Verification

Are you an active email marketer? Do you face issues with hard bounce and IP reputation scores getting hurt? If you are facing issues like those, here is how you can fix and improve your email marketing. Our email verification tool to help you check emails before you send:

  • Step #1: Register your FREE account and login to your dashboard. Upload CSV or Copy and paste the emails that you want to verify.
  • Step #2: the system deletes duplicates and removes all emails with syntax error for FREE. Click on the verify now button to initiate the process.
  • Step #3: Our email Verification tool will process and go through multiple layers of verification to provide you the results like valid email, invalid email, domain invalid, catch-all, spam, disposable, etc.

Why should you use the Email Verification?

Email Verification helps you organize and clean your data list. That maximizes the efficiency of your email campaigns. Email Verification also helps you protect your email sender score and improve it as well.

A study conducted by ReturnPath proves that in 83% of cases, lower sender reputation is responsible for emails getting blocked, not reaching the intended recipient. If you want to protect and improve your email reputation and sender score. Make sure you regularly check your email database so that all the addresses in it are valid still in use.

If you’re an email marker or lead generator, an email checker is a must-have tool. Try our free trial and test our tool to see how that can help you reduce bounce rates and complains from your campaign.

Why we built Email Verification?

It started as an internal project, and we thought this is a fantastic software to help others with issues we faced. We started getting emails in our database that were temporary accounts, emails that were not in use, and few people used spam emails ruining our domain and IP reputation — three years of regular work and updates. We have a fantastic tool that is fast, accurate and works :).

Other Benefits of using the Email Checker Tool

Below are a few main benefits of using our email checker.

  • Check if an email is valid. Our tool runs multiple checks and then finally SMTP check to make sure it is valid and ready to accept emails.
  • Improve IP reputation by letting you send only to valid emails. That, in return, saves you tons of money.

Do we send email to email owner when we run Email Verification?

No, not at all. The software connects with the mail server to make sure the email exists. There would be no email sent to your contact list. They never are aware of the email verification that happened against email. Try our single email verification to understand more. You do not need to have an account or need to sign up. It is completely free and fast.