Importance of the Subject Line

Subject line testing is essential when it comes to an important email. Whether it is a single email, you are sending someone or a mass email blast to inform people about a promotion. Subject lines play an essential role. They make or break if you have an appealing subject line that forces users to click and open your email. You win the chance of engaging them. Lazy and cheesy subject lines will only see the way to junk folders. So it is best to test and send what ISPs love.

Why the Subject Line Matter?

People do not understand the importance of the subject line. They leave it for the last minute. Getting the highest engaging and open rates on an email would only be possible if you use an engaging subject line. Something that grabs attention and users wants to open and read your email.

We all receive hundreds of emails every day, and we only open a handful of emails. Emails that we like, the first thing we do is read the subject line, and if that subject line is something we love, we open the email to know more, what is in it.

What Makes a Subject Line Engaging?

You might not like what I am about to tell you. There is no perfect subject line. There is no guarantee, but there are tips and tricks to enhance and improve it.

Keep it Short and Sweet

People are nowadays busy on their smartphones with hundreds of messaging and communication apps. Email is still the king and dominates the business world. People wake up and check their emails. They do not have much of the time to read lengthy subject lines. You got to be simple and sweet. The key is to get attention and keep it straight. Keeping it too short might not be a good idea either, stay between 30 to 50 characters max. For Example – Deliverbility can Boost your IP Reputation.

Hook your Audience

Use the language which is easy to understand, and the key is to use words that give a sense of some incentive in it. Create the urge and invite them to read more and learn the excellent product/ service you are offering. Create a need to open your email.

Example: “Is your Email Marketing struggling? Learn About Email Checker

Do not Mislead

Your subject line should be catchy and tricky but honest at the same time. Do not mislead them; give them a sense of what is inside. No false promises or mislead them. It will not work out well for the email campaign. You will get users unsubscribing from your newsletters and lots of complaints. Resulting in lower open and click rates.

Do some Testing

Email Subject line testing is crucial. I recommend you do some A/B testing to know which one works best. If you have a list of 10000 people. Send that email to 1000 users first and use subject line A and send the same email to 1000 people with subject line B. Whichever works best and produces better results. Use that and send it to the remaining contacts in your email data list.

Whenever you are creating a subject line, do not use words that could trigger spam alert. You can test your subject line on our FREE email subject line testing tool.