Getting the Contacts of Your 2nd and 3rd Tier Connections in Three Simple Ways

In email marketing, there’s no such thing as too many leads. Even if you have a vibrant network of sales leads on LinkedIn, we will show you how to get the details of your 2nd and 3rd tier connections on LinkedIn in 3 easy ways. Let’s get started!

LinkedIn stores data behind an unnecessary paywall, but the Linkedin Helper extension and are here to resolve this problem and help you generate more of those precious leads.

What Exactly are 1st 2nd 3rd LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn is a professional social network, so you don’t have friends there. Instead, you have professional connections. Now, you may ask, what is a 3rd connection on LinkedIn? To answer that, there can be three degrees or stages – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connection LinkedIn.

People in the 1st-degree connections are the ones you are friends with. Either you’ve sent them an invitation for connection, and they accepted it, or you’ve accepted their invitation to join. You can quickly get in touch with them by sending a direct message on their LinkedIn. What is more important, however, you can view their contact details as well and get their email details.

Connections of the LinkedIn 2nd degree are the people who are in direct connection with the ones who are in your connections – a friend of my friend’s situation. And they can quickly become your 1st-degree connections if you click the Connect button. Unfortunately, until you click that, you can neither communicate nor see their contact details. Nevertheless, if you upgrade your LinkedIn plan, you can message them easily.

3rd-degree connections are the ones who are connected to your 2nd connections. The level of access is the same: no messages and contact information available until you upgrade.

That said, you can get in touch with them and get the email details of only the 1st-degree connections on the LinkedIn platform. So how can you find the LinkedIn emails of your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections? This is where and Linked Helper come in.

Method 1:

Getting LinkedIn emails of 2nd and 3rd stage connections with Deliverbility Email Finder

Deliverbility’s Email Finder tool searches for email addresses anywhere. With Deliverbility, you can quickly get contact details from the LinkedIn platform, regardless of the degree of connections.

Step 1. Creating a free Deliverbility account and install the Email-Finder extension

The very first step to finding emails is to create a Deliverbility account and install the Email-Finder extension. While registering, you can sign up using any email or with your Gmail account. The extension automatically integrates with your Deliverbility account, and you can start using Deliverbility and LinkedIn to find emails.

Step 2. Performing the LinkedIn search

Go to the LinkedIn website and enter your search parameters, for example, “Email Marketer.” In the Connections tab, select 2nd and 3rd stage connections, then select the necessary Locations. Use advanced filters if needed.

Once you’ve filtered enough users, activate the email finder extension by clicking on its icon in the toolbar. In the extension, select the list to add the chosen prospects (i.e., contacts). You can also easily create a new list by selecting the plus button next to the list field. Then click the Find Emails and Save option.

The extension will then redirect to the next step: to protect your LinkedIn account from getting blocked, set the search limit: define the number of pages you want to search for (if there’s more than one page) and the pauses between the pages. Deliverbility will set these automatically, but you can also edit them if necessary. Click the Find Emails and Save option again.

Wait till the extension finishes collecting the necessary information and click Go to list. This will take you to your Deliverbility profile and the list of freshly harvested prospects.

Step 3. Manage the list

When the search is over, click on the Go to list button. A new tab with your Deliverbility account will open where you can sort out, filter, and manages the list. The added emails are then verified. After verification, every mail address is marked with the respective indicators:

  • valid – green
  • invalid – red
  • email not found – white
  • status uncertain – yellow

Deliverbility doesn’t just collect the contact details – it receives the full prospect’s profile. If you click their name, you will see the profile generated by Deliverbility based on the contact’s LinkedIn profile. It will include:

  • Industry
  • Locality
  • Country
  • Links to their known social networks
  • Emails
  • Experience (current as well as previous)

Method 2:

How to get Contact Details from a LinkedIn Profile

The method mentioned above allows downloading email addresses from LinkedIn in bulk quantity by collecting multiple profiles from the platforms’ search page. Nevertheless, if you need to find emails of an individual profile, Deliverbility’s Email Finder extension can do it in seconds.

Go to the requisite profile and activate the Email Finder extension on your browser. Select the list to add this particular contact to or create a new one. Next, click the Find Emails and Save option.

Method 3:

How to See 3rd Connections on LinkedIn With Linked Helper Tool

The last way to get the contact details of 2nd degree and 3rd degree connection on LinkedIn is to download the Linked Helper extension and install it as per the instructions provided. Note, the Linked Helper has a free 14-days trial. The price after the trial period starts at $15 per month.

The Linked Helper extractor offers you everything Deliverbility Email Finder does (except for the email addresses), plus some extra data:

  • Company’s location
  • Dates of a person’s employment at the company
  • Company’s LinkedIn URL
  • Details on the person’s previous employment
  • Education and degree information
  • Mutual connections
  • their Interests

Because the helper tool works on-page, the workflow is somewhat time-consuming: it opens up every profile, spends specific time on the page, scrolls it thoroughly, and sets time lapses between two LinkedIn profiles so that it appears as if a real person is surfing one page after another. The pause between two searches is 40 seconds by default, though you can change its settings in the Timeout settings option. Again, these timeouts prevent your account from being blocked by the LinkedIn platform.

Go to LinkedIn and filter all users by necessary parameters. At the bottom of the page, you can activate the Linked Helper option, open the Profiles Extractor tab, and click the Extract key. You can stop the extraction process at any moment by clicking the Stop profiles extraction option. Go to the Export tab and select the Download CSV file. All the collected details and profiles will be downloaded as a.CSV file.

Open the file and manage the data columns in any way you want. That’s about it! The list of enriched leads from your LinkedIn second and third connections is ready. If you need to add emails to this list, you can upload it to Deliverbility and get the email addresses of various prospects using one of our email finder features (Emails From Social URL search or Names).

What’s Next

Whether you choose to use Deliverbility Email Finder or the LinkedIn helper tool, the list of leads in your 2nd and 3rd tier connections on the LinkedIn platform is enriched and all ready to use.

Happy prospecting!