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Linking Facebook Messenger to a Successful Email Campaign

Until today, one of the most effective ways to keep customers attentive and concerned about your brand is through email marketing. However, this is not the only tool that marketers have access to. Using emails, along with other methods, is essential if marketers desire to reach their goals.

Today, with more than 2 billion people using Facebook on a daily average, Facebook messenger marketing is another way of improving the strength of email campaigns. The information below explains how Facebook messenger can assist in your marketing efforts:

Facebook Messenger vs. Email Marketing: All You Need to Know

It’s vital to understand that using these tools together is necessary. You shouldn’t choose one over the other. Instead, you should explore ways of how Facebook messenger and email marketing benefit each other.

Email is a great channel for connecting with followers or subscribers because it allows you to improve and manage your engagement in the long term. By using email marketing, one can share updates about an upcoming product or service launch, offer your followers loyalty program rewards, and provide content which can help spread brand awareness.

However, there are restrictions on email marketing. Studies show that the average open rate for marketing emails is around 25%. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger promotions showcase an average open rate of 80%.

This is where Facebook Messenger marketing comes into play and helps to improve your email campaign. Rather than thinking as Facebook Messenger vs. email marketing as two opposites, consider how the two can complement each other to develop the overall outreach strategy.

Incorporating Facebook Messenger and Email Marketing Together

A solid idea for an email campaign can only be successful when it delivers a higher return on investment with the help of having a huge follower’s base. Users can easily be reached out on their social media platforms when marketers integrate Facebook Messenger marketing with a good email verification.

By providing relevant content to the users, marketers can persuade them to sign up into their subscriber list. Having a high open-rate of Facebook Messenger will help target a large number of users.

Conversely, the Facebook Messenger campaign can also gain a boost by using email communication. Through a survey conducted on email, marketers can learn more about the behavior and preferences of their target audience. This compiled information can then be used to reach out to potential users on Facebook. By learning more about their audience, marketers are better equipped to identify users who may be interested in their promotions.

Furthermore, Facebook Messenger can help funnel users through the customer journey, thanks to the interactive nature of the tool. Users can reply to Facebook messages and provide information about their interests.

Doing this can help marketers design a series of content that will be relevant to specific subsets of groups among their target audience. This information can be used to improve email campaigns or filter the customer journey with the assistance of Messenger.

Above mentioned are important reasons to start using Facebook Messenger marketing to support the efficacy of your email marketing efforts. Do remember, each marketing channel has a unique purpose. Don’t consider this as Facebook messenger vs. email marketing; instead, use them together in your campaigns and witness the success.