The Best Solution to Solve MailChimp Omnivore Issues

mailchimp omnivore issues

Firstly, it is vital to understand the basic knowledge of MailChimp omnivore and how it works.

MailChimp omnivore defines as the protection in contrast to abuse. It is an algorithm that goes through your email list. It calculates the danger of bounce rates or damage at the point you import your email database into the MailChimp’s. MailChimp Omnivore’s particular cautioning message is: “Your account has one or more issues that need to resolve. View issues”.

More or less: It is a computerized abuse-prevention algorithm programmed “to anticipate a complaint, bounce, or spam trap rate which will surpass industry limits,” per MailChimp statement.


It is how the MailChimp Omnivore alert looks.

What triggers MailChimp Omnivore?

Most of the time, there is one primary reason that activates MailChimp omnivore and gets inconvenience for you that is, “The quality of your email list.” When you import your email database, it alerts the potential abuse rate, bounce rate, hard bounces, and spam traps.

Your email list is flagged. The reason is that it probably holds old deactivated or outdated addresses. Maybe the lousy syntax, disposable email addresses, or the email that labeled as spam traps.

The algorithm of an omnivore is exceptionally accurate in estimating the quality of an email list. In such a case, when a risk related to an email list is beyond the specified limit. Then you won’t be permitted to convey messages to the affected email list. As sending campaigns to such emails, accounts can hurt their email deliverability.

The constant omnivore warnings question your email list collection method along with maintenance of the list. Because of that, your account can lead to a permanent ban. Now we should have to explore how to maintain a strategic distance from the MailChimp omnivore issue and send email campaigns effectively.


Verify your emails and use a bulk email verifier that could help you remove all those dead, old, and invalid emails. Enables you to avoid spam traps and disposable email accounts. A simple step can save you trouble and money.

 How to Fix Mailchimp Omnivore Warning?

As said before, it is about the purity of your email list. Carefully dealing with it can save you a lot from omnivore danger. The least complex and best effective technique to eliminate the warning is to utilize an email validation services that validate your email list.

There are some of the actual scenarios of omnivore warnings and measures,

Case One – Newly imported subscribers list

In that case, when you never had an issue like an omnivore, and you have freshly imported another new list of the email subscriber. It is a high possibility that there may be an issue with your new imports. Attempt to fix the most recent import and reconfirm the addresses. You should utilize email validation services to cleaning the latest messages and then attempt to re-uploading them.

Case Two – You have not included new subscribers in recent past

In that case, when you have not added any new contacts and end-up with omnivore cautioning, then attempt to clean your email list right away. As email records rot over a period, there are possibilities that a portion of the email messages in your list have turned out to be inactive or invalid.

Case Three – Who the hell imported this subscriber!

It can occur when you are utilizing a shared account, and it is hard to keep track of the followers’ list. For such a situation, segment the list with the help of MailChimp by following these necessary steps.


Make a segment by consuming these options from your MailChimp dashboard

  • Date included
  • Is after
  • A particular campaign sent
  • Furthermore, pick the last email campaign from the drop menu

Now download the segmented list and re-check the email list with the assistance of email list cleaning services, which will expel all the invalid and possibly unsafe email accounts from your list.

In all the above cases, you must expel wrong email messages from your list. You can also use different email verifier online tools that can quickly help you in removing harmful email messages from your database.