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Using Inverted Pyramid Style Produce Most Effective Email Newsletters

Email marketing campaigns bring a higher number of ROI than every social media website combined. Numerous brands currently use email newsletters as a foundation of their marketing tactics.

But the point is, are your email newsletters as successful?

If you are not adequately designing your campaigns, you probably won’t catch your audience’s attention, and this activity can result in fewer individuals clicking from your campaigns than you’d like.

That is the place the inverted pyramid model comes in.

In this blog, we will explain to you about the inverted pyramid and how you can use this style to make your email newsletter more useful to your audience.

What is the inverted pyramid model, and why does it work?

Research demonstrates that, on average, an adult’s capacity to focus is, eight seconds.

With such a limited attention span, you can’t expect individuals will read your campaign word to words. Rather than, almost certainly, they’ll rapidly look over them.

In this context, it’s imperative to purposely structure your campaigns with the goal that they attract these readers and grab their focus on the critical components of your campaign.

How to write in an inverted pyramid style?

The inverted pyramid model can enable you to do precisely that. It’s a system for organizing the components of your email campaigns (headers, buttons, imagery, etc.) with the goal that they get successful in attracting individuals. Convey the key messages of your campaigns, and get them to click through.

Messages following the model begin with a compact/catchy headline that features the critical message of the campaign (known as the value proposition), before showing supporting data and symbolism to help persuade readers regarding the advantages of click through.

At last, the reader is then given a highlighted call-to-action button that makes it completely clear what they ought to do next.

Why are newsletters an essential part of your email marketing?

While getting a newsletter in your mailbox via direct email is still pretty standard, the majority of business organizations are preferring to use the channel of email for sending newsletters.

More than four billion email subscribers being active around the world. The utilization of email is an enormous chance to not only connect with the current subscriber. However, to procure new leads, enhance the awareness around your brand, and create massive engagement among the public.

The advantages of an email newsletter include:

  • Interfacing you to the client, current and potential
  • Enables you to send custom-made/customized messages to your audience
  • Causes an increase in the traffic on your site
  • Expands sales
  • Directs traffic to your social media channels

It depends on brands that how they want to send their newsletter to their subscribers, they can send frequently or infrequently, its all about their wish—it merely comes down to what sort of data is being displayed to the clients and how frequently the subscribers should be updated.

How to Blend the Inverted Pyramid Model into Your Email Newsletter

The concept of an inverted pyramid is straightforward to understand. It is mostly based on visuals.

But the fact is that your success with the model can depend on the choice of your image selection, your copywriting abilities, and different factors.

To enable you to get the most significant boost in your email click-through rate with the help of the model, pursue the four steps underneath.

  • Make an exceptional value proposition
  • Utilize stunning imagery
  • Compose brief content
  • Incorporate a prominent call to action

Email newsletters are an incredible method to keep in contact with your subscribers consistently. Utilizing the inverted pyramid style can enable you to make your newsletters more useful and engaging.


The inverted pyramid model has a ton to offer, regardless of whether it’s utilized in newsletters, other promotions or product emails. It depends on you to exploit the model.

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