The Need of Email Verification Services and Negatives of Having Invalid Email Addresses in Your Database

Ever wonder how many emails you acquire annually? For some, it could be 1000, or even 10,000, but for the rest, it could be 100,000 or even more.

Ever thought about the money wasted in sending invalid emails? The amount could shock you.

The more invalid emails you acquire, the more you waste your company’s money and time. It is necessary to include only verified emails on your list. You can gain such a clean list quickly with the help of an email verifier tool.

Money Lost by Having Invalid Emails in Your List

Let’s calculate the negative cost involved with using an outdated or invalid email list for your campaign.

Imagine the following scenario:

You acquire= 40,000 emails annually

The invalid address rate=3%

So then,

No. of invalid email addresses = 40,000*3% = 1,200

Acquiring cost of one email address= $10

Lost amount=1,200*10 = $12,000.

It means you will waste $12,000 on just sending emails to users that probably don’t even exist or are not interested in your campaign anymore. That’s a lot of cash to throw away. Let’s save that amount.

The Alternative Solution

The best solution is to validate your email list by using an authentic free bulk email verification tools regularly. Having an updated list in your record proves to be beneficial as it saves both effort and money. On the other hand, having a list with stale email addresses can create challenges for your email marketing campaign; problems that could not be minimized easily. For example, by continuously sending emails to invalid addresses. You will get a negative sender’s reputation, which will trigger ISP, and they may even penalize you. Therefore, instead of throwing away the money earned through hard work and great efforts. You can opt for an online verifying service that will clean and update your list no matter how big it is. Proving to be efficient in every way possible.

Effectiveness of Cleaning Your List

Email verification services are globally trusted and continuously work towards cleaning your email lists at very reasonable rates. Such services ensure that each email is appropriately analyzed so that you can have a clean database that can be valuable for the long term. The best part about all of this is that you will see positive results in your campaign within just a few days of having your newsletter delivered to verified users. What a joy!