What is the Perfect Recipe for Effective Emails?


Writing an email is just like cooking a meal or baking a cake, if you add all the right ingredients with perfect balance and accuracy then you will get the perfect results. But as like baking, email marketing is also an art and science and that’s why finding the perfect email is somehow rarer than finding that piece of cake which is so delicious and decadent that you would like to forget about your diet plan and immediately throw it right out the window. Now a days everybody sends emails, daily I get around 500 emails but an only few of them stand out among the masses. So, the question is what are the magical ingredient that makes an email memorable and most importantly, how can you replicate it?

Let me tell you the key ingredients for your email success

  • The one part of objective/strategy and timing.
  • Two portions of content.
  • A bit magic of eye-catching design.
  • In the end, a lavish amount of personalization and segmentation.

What’s the Recipe?

Like any astonishing meal, each stunning email is comprised of a blend of things, from design to objectives—having all the balance components sets you up for progress. What are the nuts and bolts you need to incorporate? I’m happy you inquired. Here are 4 elements you can’t skip:

Objective/Strategy and Timing

Objectives/strategy is like the main ingredient, and the establishment for your email. There are various motives for sending email messages: welcome, abandoned cart, reengagement, new content, newsletter, discounts and the rundown goes on. In any case, it’s significant that you thoroughly consider each send and comprehend your basic goal for sending the email. For what reason would we say we are sending this email? How can it benefit the people? What message would we say we are attempting to send? What are my objectives related with this email? Setting aside the effort to stop and think about your way to deal with the email and execution makes all the difference and helps you create the perfect email recipe.


Content in email works as same as baking powder in cake. It encourages the email rise to its maximum capacity. It’s a basic component and with the absence of content your email will not influence your target audience to do what you want them to, regardless of whether that is to download, reengage, or purchase. Content is a key factor to conveying your message and expressing what is on your mind.


design resembles sugar, pretty and sweet, but a very necessary ingredient for a cake that makes it appealing. We all love an attractive email. When you click on your inbox and open an email, how good it feels when an eye-catching, beautifully design window pops up with catchy call-to-action buttons and thoughtful textual style. It’s all about presentation. When you put so much hard work to create a well-crafted email then it really works for you.

Personalization and Segmentation

Now this part is like a butter, it holds your entire concept together, just like in cake preference

Where a few people like red velvet cake and others lean toward vanilla or chocolate cake, with email you need to think about your targeted people and their needs and requirements at that particular time. Splendid content and segmented list truly demonstrate your group of people that you’ve pondered their needs and care about structure a personal connection with them. Utilize your information to expand on this.

This is only an essential structure for create the ideal email. Above all, ensure your email fits with your message and image and also be careful when drafting an email, trying to put all the ingredients in their right places and make your emails more delightful for your audience.

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