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8 Best Practices to Improve Your Email Deliverability

What is Email Deliverability?

Deliverablity means the rate of emails getting into the inbox of a reader in the first place. When an email deliverability failure occurs, it is usually due to the IP being blocked by the ISP.

Means and way to have better email deliverability

How on Earth does one make sure that emails end up reaching those that they should. Do not worry there are tried and tested methods to improve email deliverabilty. We break it down for you as to how you can have better email deliverability.

  • Building up an IP reputation.
  • Do not send emails that look like spam.
  • Focus on content.

1. Have an authentic email domain

Impersonation is not a form of flattery in the email world–it’s one of the quickest ways to tank your sender reputation. In case you have not enabledSender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), your email might be spoofed. This can be bad for your email deliverability rates.

With an authentic email address people and ISPs know you are real and not a bot.

2. Have a good IP allocation

As your email marketing campaign grows bigger and bigger, it is of the utmost importance to keep in mind that as your campaign grows you need a bigger set up. Having reached 25,000 emails each day then you will need your own IP address dedicated to this. When you have your own dedicated IP address, do not just start out with a barrage. Do so gradually.

3. Perfect the opt-in process

How you made your email list made dramatically affects your opening rates. If the people you are sending those emails too never wanted them in the first place, then your unwilling recipients will opt out sooner or later.

Having a double opt in list is the best way to grow your list organically.

4. Write good subject lines

Your subject lines determine the opening rates of your emails. ISPs continue to evolve in ways to filter out spam. These are some major things that you should avoid, like offering debt relief or risk-free bumper profits.

Offering people the world at no effort, cost or risk might seem like a great idea. You might think that this is going to raise the opening rates of your emails. In reality the ISP will block you for being spammy. That is because people are smart now and they know that If it’s too good to be true then it is too good to be true.

5. Provide a preference center

Just because people have agreed to be on your list does not mean that you should punish them for it by sending them thousands of emails every day. It is a good idea to give these people the option to choose how frequently they want your content in their inbox.

6. Clean up your list regularly

Having inactive accounts on your lists is only hurting you. It is always better to have less but quality outreach then to have a very massive list that is not clean leading to huge amounts of soft and hard bounce. Hiring the services of a valid email checker is a small investment that will save you a lot of time, money and pain.

7. Avoid spam traps

ISPs actively seek out spammers in order to blacklist them. For this reason they have special spam traps. These spam traps are email addresses. If you send an email to these then your IP will get blocked.

8. Send email that people love

The ISP and the reader determine the success of the campaign that you are trying to execute. If the reader likes what they are reading the ISP is not going to get in your way. However if users are not happy the ISP will make sure that your campaign suffers the consequences.