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Re-engaging Inactive Users

The biggest challenge for any marketer is to regain the customers by re-engaging them from lost sales. Re-engaging and redirecting customers to your business is essential for any email marketing campaign because it helps to generate better sales and improve the reputation of the sender. Senders must remember that a high percentage of emails marked as spam or inactive subscriptions is dangerous. It can signal the ISP that something may be wrong. It will affect negatively affect the delivery and reputation of your emails, as ISP may keep a vigilant eye on your campaign.

As a marketer, it will be helpful to consider the following steps to re-engage the users:

1. Know Why There is Inactivity

There is a reason why a customer may stop reading your emails, signaling inactivity. Understanding these reasons is essential for business growth. The interest of the customers. When a user opts to unsubscribe, they should be allowed to do so, but it is best to ask them the reason behind their decision. To do so, when users click on the un-subscription option, there should be a short multiple-choice question asking them to inform you about the reason for doing so. Do remember that users may get annoyed if several items are requested from them, so they might not even bother to answer any. Thus, remember to keep it very short and to the point. ISP tolerates the sender to have a reputation of inactivity for a specific time only; and after two years, it penalizes the sender. Furthermore, by following patterns, one can deliver the data compiled from email marketing to the data audit services. Determining when a user loses interest and becomes inactive. It is vital for your business to stop and remove them from contact lists and avoid making such mistakes again in the future. This method requires an in-depth analysis of the data and users’ inclinations.

2. Give them Exciting Offers

Customers that have stopped showing interest in your campaign must have a valid reason for doing so. To gain back their benefits, they should be treated with exceptional services. Thus, it is vital to send them exciting offers, which can prove to be valuable for your business growth. A simple way to do so is by giving such customers gold or silver privilege, or by giving them shopping cards or vouchers. This method requires a customized message delivered to each customer re-engaged. It will signal the customer that they are essential and valued by you and your business. Such emails should be written in a friendly way, and not in a severe tone. Users love that!

3. Refrain from Sending unrelated Content/Emails

Re-engaging customers who have been inactive for a while is essential, but while doing so, you should not lose the customers who are already active. Therefore, you should strategize your campaigns in a way that will give importance to both; current active users, and re-engaging inactive users. Marketers should send only the relevant content or emails to a list that doesn’t contain any old or inactive emails. So that high open and low bounce rates are achieved. It is best to use a bulk email checker that will clean the list for you.