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Simple Tips to Avoid Placement in Spam Folder

Email marketing is not at all an easy task to do. The most annoying thing is to see you’re creatively and beautifully created emails directly land into the spam folder.

Interestingly we all are surprised by seeing the email stats and also wondered about the reason, that how the emails are getting place directly into the spam folder. Many reasons can land your emails in the spam folder. The most primary problem is the quality of your email list, furthermore, how many activities you have done for the growth of your email list.

But the primary reason being the health of your list.

How to Stay Away From the Spam Folder?

If you want to get relief from your placement in the spam folder, then It is not an easy task to perform. Our team is here to assist and make sure that you will get a clear understanding of the tips to avoid your future emails getting into the spam folder. Amazingly, many experienced email marketers also faced email deliverability issues, so not wasting more time, let’s explore the fantastic tips.

  1. Build Your Email List Organically

The email list will be your most significant business resource. Building a solid email list takes a lot of time. Most of the email marketers facing issues with their information because of its low quality. Gather healthy details directly from the beginning by sign-up forms, landing pages, or through other gated material.

  1. Follow Double Opt-In

Permission-based marketing is required to get a glimpse of progress by email marketing. Pursuing double opt-in guarantees that your followers have precisely requested you to be on your mailing list and receive your material. A double opt-in email list has seen healthier engagement rates. So, if you want to get surety about your list contains no bounced, invalid, or spam trap email, you should use the best email verifier.

  1. Be An Authenticated Sender

It merely defines as publishing the email authentication protocols like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC to gain the trust of mailbox suppliers and ISPs to label you as a valid sender. Being a validated sender gives your email a stronger possibility for an inbox position.

  1. Follow Email List Hygiene

An email list, mainly a clean email list, is one of the essential keys in your treasure. No doubt, when you failed in following proper healthy email list hygiene, then your emails have no place other than the spam folder. Try using an email verifier to clean and manage your database/ lists. Hard bounces are very dangerous when it comes to reputation. They damage your domain and IP reputation but reduce your ROI to 0.

  1. Monitor Your Sender’s Reputation

Viewing your sender’s reputation demonstrates to you a decent picture of how the subscribers acknowledge your messages. Sender’s reputation score changes from the range of 0 – 100, it reveals to you that how the mailbox suppliers see your domain and IP. There are several different tactics like spam complaints, blacklists considered for denoting the reputation. Sender’s reputation is one of the most critical hacks of metrics that need your consideration always.

  1. Provide Email Preferences to Your Subscribers

It is one of the most convenient ways of giving subscribers the control to manage their email preferences with the help of one central portal. Providing them an email preference center can segment their subscribers automatically.