6 Tips for Craftingeye-catching Titles for Email Marketing Campaign

While writing an e-mail, we always have to face the same question: “What title suits my campaign best?” At first, it seems quite simple. You may think that creating a title is not a big deal: “I will just write something relevant to the message body, and that’s it.” But is it that simple? Remember, this little detail can make a big difference in the open rates of your e-mail campaigns.

How to Title and Email Marketing Campaign?

First of all, we have to keep in mind that the aim of our title is to grab attention and arouse readers’ interest when they open it. Take a look at the following paragraphs, where we state tips on how to choose an eye-catching title:

1. Beware of SPAM

Some words can quickly be identified as Spam, so your campaign may not even be delivered to the intended recipients. So, avoid using these terms: “money,” promotion,” “free,” and “work at home.”

2. Check the previous history of your campaign

Know what your audience likes to hear from you and deliver it! Search your campaign history and analyze what campaigns generated better results and what was not so successful in the past!

3. Be very direct and objective. Get to the point asap!

Avoid full of information subject lines. Remember! The less, the better. Do not write subjects that are lengthy and confusing! The shorter, the better! (E.g., “Fruit day in the market. Join us!” works a lot better than “Enjoy a great offer in our supermarket with fresh fruits on offer and live healthily “… get it?)

4. Customization is The new black!

Statistics show that subject lines containing a recipient’s name generate higher open rates to those without mentioning the name. But it makes sense. Would you rather receive an e-mail with your name and a tailored-made offer or a general e-mail sent to everyone?

5. Try Emoji for Subject Lines

In the e-mail marketing campaigns, the use of emojis or friendly faces catches the reader’s attention and consequently gets them to open your messages. However, you need to dose the application to avoid creating the opposite effect accurately.

6. Make A/B testing

Lastly, after reading all this if, you are still in doubt and can not make up your mind, do a test! Email checker offers you an online tool that you can use to test your e-mail marketing campaigns (test A/B). Analyze all the results and decide what subject line attracted the most visitors. After doing so, you will know the “winner” that should be sent to your contacts.

Remember that each company must find the best way to attract its audience’s attention, taking into consideration offered products or services. Following our tips will help optimize your e-mail marketing campaign and improve customer interaction.