How to Use GIFs and Memes in your Email Campaign

Email marketing is all the rage these days. Everyone uses GIFs and memes for effective campaigns. Now a days everyone running any business be it large or small is just buying email lists and sending out bulk emails. Many of these email campaigns are a total waste of time and money because the people behind them simply do not hire the services of a bulk email verifier service. These email verifiers help to clean your list and ensure that your rate of bounce is not too high. Once you have a clean email list then you can start out your mass email marketing campaign.

Moving on to the actual content of emails, they have both texts and images in them. Here are some of the major things you need to keep in mind with regards to images and GIFs.  Read on to know more.

So, here’s what you shall do.


You GIF needs to open, if there are errors it will spell doom for your campaign.

You should make sure that your GIF is short and easy to understand. Often these have very short lifespans a GIF which was cool five years ago might not be so trendy today. Moreover, you need to make sure that your GIFs do not have any copyright issues.

A GIF is never going to compensate for bad content. You need to keep that in mind in the end it is all about content.

Be relevant to your Target Audience

You need to keep your demographic audience in mind when making GIFs and sending them out in mass email marketing campaigns. What is instantly recognizable for a person born in 2000, might leave their dads puzzled. Keep your demographic in mind when making a campaign.

Guide to having a better call to Action

In order to encourage your customers to actually take action use terms like sign up and buy today. Try to make call to action as human and as warm and engaging as possible in order to elicit a positive reaction from your target audience. Nobody will respond to it if they feel it is not personalized and is just a cold computer churning out messages to make money for the business. As long as your subscribers feel that you care about them then your campaign will do very well.

Do not overdo it.

If the content of the email is too large and cumbersome, nobody is going to bother opening and going through it. People simply zone out if something takes too long to download.

  • In no case should the be image be wider than 480 pixels.
  • The total number of frames should never more than 8.
  • Any files larger than 400KB is not something anybody wants to download. It takes too long and they would not be bothered.

Using Emojis but Never too Many

Everyone uses these cute smiley faces and other expressions. The old, young both men and women use them all the time. It is a good idea to insert them sometimes but never over do them.


Emojis are good for your email marketing campaign. However is it is essential to not overuse them in your email marketing campaign. Only use them where you need to.  Thus only a couple of emojis in an email would be great. Anything more than that is just you shooting yourself in the foot by adding so many emojis that the person reading on the other side is not comfortable with reading your emails.

People will report you as a spammer if you get under their skin.