Practices for Using Links in Emails

Many people wonder about the importance of using links in emails. Basically, they are curious and wanted to know how and when to use links in email communication with their clients. The following are some pointers that you must bear in mind for your links for email marketing.

1. First thing first, your links must be easily accessible or easy to identify, and they should be clearly labeled. Moreover, the link must be highlighted with any color so that it would be identifiable.

2. This is very important that your links must go where they say they are continuing to go. This appears quite obvious, but you never know anything can happen, and mistakes are part of it. Before starting your email campaign, make sure that all links work properly, and they are going to the exact website or not.

3. Permanent Links are easily available in your communications such as you want to post in on social network or like forward to a closed friend, and the unsubscribe, should be placed in the same place in each email in a proper way, so email recipients do not have to waste their time searching.

4. You must carefully place URLs in your emails, and they must match the content whatever is being offered. You do not want to make a blunder that, in your email, your URL goes to a page that is a different URL. So, be very careful about this as many people do not like this.

5. Never ask your clients about their personal account information on the landing page or if the link forwards to financial institutions. So it is advised not to do that in your emails, as recipients might mark them as spam and make sure that third party links are also are not on spam lists.

6. It is highly recommended that you always send emails with links. If your email campaign or newsletter has links in it, then traffic will drive to your site, and recipients will show interest in your emails.

7. It is better to know before that your emails will be read on which devices. For instance, if recipients view your emails on the web or on smartphones, then you can add plenty of links. But, they are reading on older smartphones, then it will just consume up to their memory, and they will probably not read it, and it will consume their time a lot.

8. If you are adding a link to your emails, then you must add it to other platforms too. Suppose you create a landing page for an email offer, then it would be very smart if you connect it to other platforms like your website or search engines, and site visitors will not be able to find it.

9. Time is valuable to everyone. If a recipient got your email and the links that you have added provide extra information, then he will probably just delete your email or will not read it. So it is necessary that links must allow your reader to choose which offer they want to know better. So you can send shorter emails with links that contain relevant information details like privacy policies, offers.

10. Try to use email links to know better which offers were most successful. Though many marketers just look at email open and click-through rates portion, it is essential to note which links were successful in obtaining a reader’s interest. Analyze to secure the most favorable results of future offers. Also, looking past the click-through into the action of the reader on your website after they had a click-through a link.