Using Smartseeds and AI for Your Email Program

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most trending topic these days, you either hear people talk about it, or you at least must have seen it or read in the news. In reality, however, barely 5% of email marketers actually use it. That’s a pity because AI early adopters are already gathering significant rewards. Recently in a study, researchers discovered that email marketers who utilize AI gained higher inbox placement rates, which helped them collect even more revenue than expected. Lack of expertise is an obstacle to AI for many marketers. The best part is, email marketers can obtain the rewards of AI without getting a degree in data science-related fields.


The beginning of seed-based deliverability monitoring provides marketers visibility of where their email will be delivered from 140 different mailbox providers. With time, we developed our network to track both email engagement and deliverability.

Our Network has abundant and prosperous behavioral data which provides metrics encompassing the way real people interconnect with commercial emails while showcasing an integrated view of inbox management and consumer preferences. Our Consumer Network covers some of the most prominent mailboxes, including Microsoft, Verizon Media Group (AOL and Yahoo), and even Google.

Considering to introduce SmartSeeds, as we will be able to offer a full view of email deliverability rates with AI-powered networks that interact with email as real subscribers would. Incorporating the technology of SmartSeeds will help to increase our coverage and provide great information to the broader audience.

Today’s Presence:

The newly updated Return Path Platform has helped several new products and capabilities for email verifier solutions. With the growth of our platforms, email marketers have advantaged by becoming better senders and receiving more deliverability across all email ecosystem.

This is where SmartSeeds uses a critical signal of subscriber engagement that is unlike anything witnessed in the email ecosystem. To benefit users, our priority is to provide senders visibility into this semi-seen side of deliverability. By incorporating our service team in your system, you’ll be able to receive better data for your campaigns.

SmartSeeds data links directly into our network and products to help relative subscriber engagement behaviors, and describe how this can affect your deliverability at different mailbox providers. Our Deliverability Data provides an unparalleled view of the deliverability landscape so that you can be sure you are accessing accurate and relevant data that you can use to improve and evolve your programs.

What’s next?

Apart from SmartSeeds, we have extensive plans for our new data source, as well as for our other products.

Having the ability to store thousands of subscribers in our network can cause us to receive unparalleled data. However, with the help of SmartSeeds, we will be able to increase the engagement availability for inbox placement data for our users. SmartSeeds provide insight into subscriber engagement effects through Google, and other major mailbox providers will be added in the time to come. With SmartSeeds, our users can monitor their individual campaign performance and gain visibility of trends happening within the broader email marketing ecosystem.

Our main aim is to assist email marketers in taking their functions to the next level. In the past twenty years, marketers have built EmailDNA, which is the world’s most comprehensive source of data across the email ecosystem, and there are no plans to stop now; instead, more initiative is being taken to improve these methods continually. Email marketing is steadily evolving, and we’re here to ensure that you stay at least a few steps ahead.