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Valid Email Address Checker Online

Valid email address checker is a term used by marketers very often these days. Those who are directly linked with email marketing and data enrichment will know that the valid email checker is a system designed to check whether an email address is valid or invalid. This process is to identify and stop hard bounce for email marketers.

So one may ask, what is the need for such a tool? They use a double opt-in system, and the emails they collect are all valid and active users. It may come to a surprise that a recent study was conducted, and the numbers of email users are mind blowing. This increase in the number of users also means a single person with multiple emails. Study shows that over 18% of emails expire every year. People often switch jobs or change emails. When they change their position, the old email is either deleted or put on a forwarder.

So this means your data expires every year by a rate of 24% to 26% on average. A friend of mine recently thought of starting his own email marketing campaigns because he realised that old customers are not going to buy his product if they do not know about new happening and promotions he is running. The data collected was on a sign-up form inside the store. Instead of making money, he ended up losing money and time. The worst part is yet to come. He got his domain blacklisted.

How to Check Email is Valid or Not?

You may be wondering how he got into the problem? What problems he faced. Let me break this down one by one, so it is easy for people who are new to email marketing or who are thinking of starting email marketing.

Email service providers have different methods and techniques to know if someone is sending a legit email or spamming people using a purchased data list. The easiest one or the 1st red flag is too many hard bounces. A hard bounce in simple words is an email returned to you because that email does not exist.

That is what happened to my friend. He sent an email to an old database, never used, and most of the emails were either wrong or deleted.

People who got the email either were not interested or did not remember giving the email for promotion. So here comes the 2nd blow. His campaign suffered heavy unsubscibe — 2nd red flag on the campaign.

People who were genuinely interested in service and might have made a purchase got emails in the spam or never reached them because the Email service providers started blocking or filtering emails.

Just because the campaign got too many bounces and unsubscribed, users also complained about not signing up or moving emails to spam. Websites like spamhaus do email filtering, and they maintain a block list. So the domain got listed into the spam block list.

Now let me share a piece of advice, and you can see how this email verifier could have saved him. Deliverbility comes with two types of API. Single email verification API and Bulk Email Verification API. When a single API is used, you can have that integrated with your website or online store to stop any invalid or typo from getting into the database. It is reduce bounce rate and improves user experience overall. It also comes with an option to block temporary domains, as well. So now one can use those either.

Now for the bulk email checker, you can use that to clean the list by using CSV or copy-paste option. It will clean all the junk and invalid emails from the database. So you will have no bounce a bounce, which is less than 1%. Industry-standard is up to 3% considered as okay.

Regular emailing to customers would keep them close and loyal to your brand and business. Study shows that email marketing has the highest ROI. You spend $1, and you will get a return of $28 on average.

Deliverbility has many potentials, and you can use that to boost your email campaign.