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What Email Service Does Amazon Use?

Amazon Simple Email Service also knows as (Amazon SES) is a cloud-based email sending service. Designed for helping digital marketers and app developers to send, notifications, and emails. It is an amazing service for businesses that are using email as the primary way of communication with their clients. Amazon SES is very serious about email reputation. They always take strict actions to stop spammers. Therefore its users must understand what bounces are. How the bounce rate can affect their reputation. Many email service providers are offering amazon SES integration. It helps in reducing the cost to a higher level. So if you use a similar service, this article might is for you.

What Email System Does Amazon Use?

Sender Reputation Bounces, Bounce Rates

When your email message does not deliver to an email, it’s called a bounce. There are plenty of reasons behind a bounce. So when it happens, a “return to sender’ email with details and explanation about the bounce.

There are only two types of Bounce: soft bounces and hard bounces.

Soft bounces are a temporary delivery issue or failure. It can occur if the recipient’s inbox is full or not configured properly, or the email size is large, or you have used spam keyword that triggered the spam filter. It can happen due to server issues, as well. A soft bounce does not indicate automatically that an email is inactive or invalid.

Hard bounces are a permanent email delivery failure. hard bounces are mostly caused by recipient email or domain that does not exist, email server completely blocking delivery, or typo in address (example gmil.com instead of gmail.com)

The bounce rate is the rate of rejected emails about sent messages. If 15 emails out of 100 have bounced, the bounce rate is 15%. Higher bounce rates indicate to ISPs that the sender’s email sending practices are not good, and emails from this sender should be sent to the spam folder or completely blocked. So being marked as a spammer negatively affect your reputation. Sender reputation is a score generated against the emails sent. It indicates the trustworthiness of a sender’s domain, IP, and email address. Your email campaign depends on your positive reputation.

0% bounce rate is excellent, but to be honest, it is impossible to obtain. Even an excellent opt-in list gets roughly 2-3% of the bounce rate. If you are continually getting higher bounce rates. It’s time to work on your strategy and reduce it.

Amazon SES requirements

Amazon SES offers fantastic pricing for bulk senders. Their prices are competitive, and the excellent part is ISPs also trust emails coming from Amazon Pool of IP addresses. Amazon monitors content very actively, and they take severe actions against spam complaints and hard bounces. As per their recommendation, a sender should maintain bounce rates lower than 5%. Sender with higher bounce rates exceeding 10% are put on probation, and they may also be suspended. It is recommended to follow the best email sending practices as per the SES guide.

Email sending practices

To avoid spam filters, you should meet the ISP’s standards and follow their best practice guidelines. If you take steps and follow the rules mentioned below. You get better deliverability, improvement in sender reputation, and yes, lower bounce rate.

  1. You must give unsubscribe links to users if they wish to opt-out from your mailing list. People prefer to unsubscribe then mark you as spam.
  2. Inform users why are they getting your email, if you miss that part. Users mark your emails as spam.
  3. DO NOT SEND on a purchased, scraped, or rented list! See, this list could be sold to a few others as well, and they might have bombarded those users with promotions. Collect and create your mailing list. It is not easy, but it is not impossible.
  4. Always use 1 or a maximum of 2 links in email and avoid using images. Keep links underlined and make sure they work and not broken.
  5. Your email should provide some value to the reader.
  6. Email Verification. Remove subscribers who are no longer active or emails, resulting in bounces — Amazon SES advises using 3rd party services for email verification.

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