Who Owns a URL?

Not everyone can play Sherlock; that is why most people who want to look up who owns a URL end up looking for the ownership of a website domain. While the two terms may sound similar and they do often get mixed up quite a bit, there is a subtle difference. Finding out who owns a website is quite a simple and straightforward process, while finding out who is behind the contents of a URL is a lot complicated than it seems. Because:

A URL is a Unique Resource Locator. It is the description that is used to identify and isolate each unique piece of information on the internet. URLs can be reasonably easy to read and understand for humans, and they can also appear as random strings of characters totally undecipherable.

What Makes a URL Different from a Domain Name?

A domain is part of the logical URL of a website address. For example, if you share your data in the google cloud, then you must already be familiar with the random strings that are generated when you save an item in the cloud. Below is one example of a file saved in the cloud. In this instance, the domain is google.com, but there’s no way a reader can understand what is happening with the resource that comes with it.


Now if you try to find who owns this URL, I don’t think you can get any further than google.com

Why is Domain Essential?

Every website needs a domain name to be visible on the internet. It’s like every house has an address or every phone has a number.

Since the last two decades, every domain has to be registered with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Once a domain has been registered. It is then traceable to the owner via domain register. These are something like the phone directories of websites.

A simple check on the domain register can reveal the details about the ownership along with details for any legal, technical, and emergency contact numbers, among other technical information regarding the domain. Domain registrars keep information about the domain owners and liaise with ICANN in order to collect data about domain ownership from registrants when they register any new domain with the ICANN.

How do you Find who owns a URL?

First, you have to identify who owns the domain within that URL, only then you will be able to find who owns a URL. Simply find a free domain checking tool and use it to see the results. You can also subscribe to APIs that offer continuous domain check services. Some go further and provide bulk data services.

Remember, there are thousands of domain registrars, and not all of them list data in the same order, so if you want to check multiple domains, you won’t be able to compare results. So in order to find real information about who owns a URL, you need a reputable API that digs deeper and interrogates top registers and returns a machine-readable data. Such types of APIs are called WHOIS services. So now you know how to find the owner of a URL. Do you want to find the owner of a URL? With just a few clicks of a button, you can do so with the help of our dynamic WHOIS services.