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Why your Email Marketing Campaign is Not Doing So Good

Email marketing is an effective way of getting new business. Studies have shown that if you spend a dollar on it, you will make at least 40 dollars in return. However, often emails end up in the spam folder and spell doom for your entire campaign.

What Determines The Email Is Spam

The content of your email is the primary determining factor if it is going to end up in spam or not. However, email opening rates and other factors also have a substantial impact on your success as an email marketer.

Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Is Failing

Email Designs

The content and structure of your email, to a great extent, determine the bounce rate. Some of the crucial things to keep in mind when doing email marketing are.

  • Short and straightforward sentences
  • Short subject lines
  • 80:20 text to image ratio

You can also have someone else read them first to get a fresh perspective.

Non-existent Business-Customer Relationship

You want to build a relationship with the people you are sending out emails too. It is not merely about hiring the right bulk email verifier service and then firing away. You must build a relationship. Thus use human-sounding addresses. You do not want people to think of you as a corporation or bot but as a human being.

The Frequency Isn’t Right

A new subscriber is like a new love interest. You do not want to barrage them with attention. They will be repulsed by such antics and will want to have nothing to do with you. If you are not receiving the response you wish to, sending out a dozen more emails is never the answer.

Outdated database

Your database is obsolete, and you are using lists with dead or dormant accounts that people do not use anymore. Most people take a new address every few months, primarily work-related email addresses.

Low Mailbox Usage

Sending out bulk emails to inactive accounts leads to the problem of soft bounce and harms your business in the long term.

Spam Complaints

If way, too many people end up reporting you as a spammer. ISPs are going to block you, and that will be the end of your email marketing aspirations.

Keywords Overload

If your email has promos in it, then those keywords would lead to you getting blacklisted.

How To Ensure Excellent Email ROI

Build a proper organic list

Buying data and emails is easy, but they will never get you good business compared to opt-in users.

Options you can try:

  • Add a sign-up form to the website
  • Give the customers an incentive to sign-up
  • Use exclusive deals one time only


The content and headlines must not be misleading. It is going to be bad for you in the long run.

You can follow these steps:
  • Ensure excellent readability
  • Use alt text
  • Authenticating emails

Email providers take domain authentication seriously. Proving that you’re a real person rather than a robot will be beneficial for your company. Outlook and Gmail will notice the received responses so they won’t send them to spam.

Segment your lists

Segmented lists have higher opening rates.