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Billions of emails and still verifying.

We say, your email matters most. It is the first interaction that you have with a potential client. If the email is not professional or even worse does not even reach them then that is a potential customer you could have enticed but could not all due to email trouble. You can have the world’s finest product or service however, if people do not know about them then they are as good as non-existent.  Whether it’s a promotional email, a sign up notification, a campaign to generate more leads and revenue for your business or simple communication with your clients, your email is first and most effective mode of communication and it matters most.

An online research shows that people make mistakes during online form submission and it is estimated 9% of all forms submitted contain invalid emails, thus almost a tenth is just completely useless. This is where having an email verifier comes in handy. Sometimes people provide fake email addresses or they move so the email is no longer in use. This can result in a negative impact in various ways on your business, it is a great idea to have an email checker to make sure that the emails you are sending out are to email

  • Getting your emails delivered in to spam folders.
  • Getting blacklisted / banned by email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft. This is something that can be emphasized enough, your email marketing campaign would die before it ever got off the ground.
  • Being labeled as spammer.
  • Revenue Lost
Deliverability API

Real-Time API

With Deliverbility API can run verification straight on your web or mobile application. This is the best way to capture Valid and good leads and discard invalid email addresses at the point when forms are submitted.

This will help you Reduce Bounces before they happen, Our email verifier tool will catch and stop all invalid and junk emails to enter in your database. Improve deliverability, increase revenue and get connect with real customers.
Use any language or interface
Save your data with private key authentication

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